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Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD), Wisconsin Department of Health Services staff dedicated to assisting ADRCs operate successfully:

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Each ADRC is funded via a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The ADRC contract describes the services to be provided by and the organizational and procedural expectations for Aging and Disability Resource Centers. Taken together, the requirements in the ADRC contract define a "franchise model" for Aging and Disability Resource Centers. The Department is purchasing a set of resource center services that are intended to be consistently available to citizens throughout the State.

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Aging and Disability Resource Center Dementia Care Specialist Program Funding Announcement:

Nineteen Wisconsin Aging and Disability Resource Centers submitted applications to implement the Dementia Care Specialist Program. Following a competitive review process, the following eleven Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) have received awards to begin program implementation on May 1, 2014.

  1. ADRC of Barron, Rusk, and Washburn Counties
  2. ADRC of Brown County
  3. ADRC of Dane County
  4. ADRC of Dodge County
  5. ADRC of Eau Claire County
  6. ARC of Milwaukee County
  7. ADRC of Ozaukee County
  8. ADRC of Rock County
  9. ADRC of St. Croix County
  10. ADRC of Southwest Wisconsin
  11. ADRC of Waukesha County

Areas Served by the Dementia Care Specialist Program (P-00658, PDF, 141 KB)

Funding Background for ADRCs (Information Bulletin #8)

Older Americans Act Funding and ADRCs (Information Bulletin #11)

Cost Model Budgeting Tool (Information Bulletin #13)

Financial Incentives in Support of Multi-County ADRCs (Information Bulletin #14)

Elderly Benefit Specialist in State Funded ADRCs and ADRC Staff Positions Funded by Multiple Sources (Information Bulletin #15)

Elderly Benefit Specialists Eligibility for Federal Match in State Funded ADRCs  (Information Bulletin #19)

Capturing Federal matching funds through 100% Time Reporting

Helpful Links

Historical Information

This page provides links to key documents relating to the history of Aging and Disability Resource Centers in Wisconsin. ADRCs have been a principal component of Wisconsin's long term care redesign since its inception. The State's first ADRCs opened in 1998.

An Annotated History of Wisconsin's Aging and Disability Resource Centers by The Lewin Group, October 24, 2003 (PDF, 294 KB)

Introduction to Wisconsin's Aging and Disability Resource Centers Presentation at National Home and Community Based Services Waiver Conference, October 26, 2003 (PowerPoint, 806 KB)

History of Long Term Care Redesign

Long Term Care Council Report

1998 Family Care Proposal

Information Systems

Information and Assistance / Options Counseling:

Enrollment Processes:


ADRC of Wisconsin

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Training Webcasts

This section contains information about learning opportunities offered by the Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD). The training webcasts are designed specifically for ADRC staff in order to develop skills, build knowledge and expertise and serve customers more effectively.

Registration may be required.


Related Training:

Planning and Start Up

The links below contain the Application Form for agencies to become an ADRC, along with other information necessary for ADRC planning and development and for beginning ADRC operations.

To become an Aging and Disability Resource Center, entities must apply to the Department of Health Services. County agencies have the right of first refusal to become the Aging and Disability Resource Center serving their area. If a county declines the opportunity to become the ADRC, non-profit organizations may apply.

Anticipated Implementation of Family Care, by County, in 2009-2011 (PDF, 17 KB)

ADRC Start-Up Information Bulletins

Resource Centered Technical Assistance Series

Policy and Procedure Guidelines

Tribal Aging and Disability Resource Specialist

Centralized Enrollment

Policies and Procedures

The ADRC Manual is an electronic manual with links to requirements, policy direction and technical assistance materials relating to each area of the ADRCs programmatic and procedural responsibilities. Topics are organized in the same manner as the ADRC contract.

1. Purpose and Organization of the Operations Manual

2. Mission / What is an ADRC

3. Client Populations - Who do ADRCs serve?

4. Limits to ADRC Service Requirements

5. Location and Physical Plant

6. Service Provided by the ADRC

7. Organization and Procedural Standards

8. Contract Management

Programs and Services

Pubs, Stats & Other Information

Quality Assurance

Regional ADRC Quality Specialists:

Quality Assurance Reports:

Best Practices:

Resource Centered Technical Assistance:

Quality Improvement Project:

DHS-ADRC-Quality Improvement ListServ:

References and Tools

This section contains instruction, model forms, best practices and expert assistance to support Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) in the development and implementation of quality programs and services. The technical assistance series, which is entitled "Resource Centered", offers ADRCs materials and information that can be used in day-to-day operations and work with customers.

Legal Background:

Statutory requirements relating to ADRCs are in s.46.283 and s.46.285 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Administrative Code
Regulations relating to ADRCs are in Chapter HFS 10, Subchapter II of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Technical Assistance Materials:

ADRC Information Bulletins
The bulletin series provides helpful information related to mission, vision and purpose of ADRCs as well as information for planning and starting up an ADRC.

Resource Centered - Technical Assistance Issues
Resource Centered is a series of technical assistance publications on selected topics relating to ADRC operations.

ADRC Operations Guides
Descriptions of procedures ADRCs can use to perform the expected duties of the ADRC.

Policy and Procedure Guidelines
Guidelines for ADRCs to create policy and procedures.

ADRC Reporting
Forms, instructions and training material for required ADRC reports.

Connection to Community Living (Nursing Home Relocation Initiative)

Related Programs and Services


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