Client Rights Office

The Client Rights Office serves people receiving services for developmental disability, mental health, and substance use. People may receive these services in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings, including adult family homes, clinics, community-based residential facilities, facilities operated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and group homes. Inmates, emergency room patients, and single-person provider clinic patients are not served by the Client Rights Office.

Areas of focus

The work of the Client Rights Office covers five key areas.

Promotion of client rights

Client Rights Office staff monitor changes in client rights laws and rules and, where appropriate, recommend changes for the benefit of all individuals served by the office.

Consultation on client rights

Client Rights Office staff provide consultation on many topics and questions concerning client rights from individuals receiving services, their families, advocates, service providers, county staff, policymakers, and other interested parties.

Community provider grievance process

The State Grievance Examiner is a member of the Client Rights Office staff and conducts reviews of grievances from individuals dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint about services provided in the community. The State Grievance Examiner also may review any complaints about the community grievance procedure itself.

State facility grievance process

Client Rights Office staff receive and process requests for reviews of grievances from patients of facilities operated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services dissatisfied with the results of the first two levels of the grievance resolution process.

Approval of research

Client Rights Office staff reviews all research proposals involving anyone who is served by the office.

Laws and codes

The Client Rights Office is part of the Division of Care and Treatment Services.

Last Revised: August 25, 2021