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Client Rights Office

We provide guidance to people who are receiving services for a developmental disability, mental health, or substance use—in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

That includes:

  • Adult family homes and clinics.
  • Community and state-run facilities.
  • Group homes.

We do not serve people in prison or who need emergency room care. Or people receiving treatment from a clinic run by one person.

Focus areas

Our work covers these main areas:

Promoting rights of people receiving services

Our staff keeps track of changes in rights laws and rules. We recommend changes when appropriate.

Learn about rights of people receiving our services

Consulting on rights when receiving services

We help people receiving services understand their rights.

That includes:

  • Advocates.
  • Family members.
  • Policymakers.
  • Service providers.

Learn who to contact if you have a question about rights

Reviewing grievances

The state grievance examiner is on the Client Rights Office staff. The examiner reviews appealed community service complaints. And complaints about the grievance procedure itself.

In addition, our staff reviews appealed state-run facility complaints.

Learn about the complaint process

Approving research

Our staff reviews and approves research proposals that involve those we serve.

Learn more about research approval

Laws and codes


Last revised April 13, 2023