Climate and Health

The Climate and Health Program studies how climate change impacts public health in Wisconsin, and we use that research to create strategies, tools, and trainings to help communities address health outcomes related to climate change.

Learn about the link between climate change and health, and the work we do:

State Climate Change Report Available

The Governor's Task Force on Climate Change published a set of climate action recommendations in a 120-page report that outlines strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and health impacts related to climate change in Wisconsin, while growing the state's economy. The report was delivered to Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Legislature in December 2020.

Snowflake: When the snow falls...Wear loose-fitting-lightweight, warm layers, rather than on heavy layer of clothing

Get Ready for Winter!

Winter weather is around the corner. Learn more about safety tips in cold temperatures, creating winter emergency kits, and winterizing your home or car in our Winter Weather Toolkit, P-00652.


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Last Revised: December 16, 2020