Climate and Health

The Climate and Health Program studies how climate change impacts public health in Wisconsin, and we use that research to create strategies, tools, and trainings to help communities address health outcomes related to climate change.

Learn about the link between climate change and health, and the work we do:

White smoke billowing from four industrial smokestacks.

Know your AQI – Air Quality Index!

Summer brings high temperatures that can worsen air quality and your health. This is a perfect time to sign up for air quality health alerts! Knowing current air quality conditions in your community can help you take steps to protect your family's health on days with unsafe levels of air pollution.

State Climate Change Reports

*NEW* Gov. Evers released Wisconsin's first-ever Clean Energy Plan that identifies strategies to protect the health of Wisconsin's families, lower energy bills and prices at the pump, reduce reliance on out-of-state energy sources, and create an estimated 40,000 jobs in the state. (April 2022)

*NEW* The 2021 Climate Assessment report from Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts covers impacts and solutions for a warming Wisconsin climate. (February 2022)

A report from the Governor's Task Force on Climate Change includes climate action strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and health impacts. (December 2020)

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Last Revised: June 27, 2022