Trauma Care System

Trauma intake, child

The purpose of Wisconsin’'s statewide trauma care system is to reduce death and disability resulting from traumatic injury by decreasing the incidence of trauma, providing optimal care of trauma patients and their families, and collecting and analyzing trauma-related data (DHS 118.01).


Wisconsin’'s trauma care system is supported through program planning efforts that include:

Care for trauma patients and their families is supported through key program activities related to:

Wisconsin'’s trauma system is closely aligned with the efforts and activities in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program, Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program and Emergency Preparedness and Planning. The departmental lead for the trauma system is the State Trauma Coordinator.

The implementation and development of Wisconsin'’s trauma care system is a result of several important pieces of legislation including: Wisconsin Statute Chapter 15.19(25), Wisconsin Statute Chapter 256 (Emergency Medical Services) and Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter DHS 118 (Trauma Care), which directs the Department of Health Services to develop and implement a statewide trauma care system and provides the Administrative Rules for the department.

Last Revised: September 22, 2015