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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Number Title Division Other Location
P-02599 Next Steps: while you wait for your COVID-19 test results DPH
P-02677 COVID-19 Public Use Data Definitions DES
P-02354-20 Monthly IRIS Enrollment Snapshot 2020 DMS
P-01689 CLTS Waiver Waitlist Enrollment Map DMS
P-01759 IRIS Enrollment by County Map DMS
P-02733 How to Use: Disposable Face Coverings DPH
P-02597 Children’s Long-Term Services (CLTS) Waiver Program Wait List Elimination Initiative DMS
P-02650 Enteral Nutrition Access DMS
P-02734 How to Use: Reusable Face Coverings DPH
P-02627 Next Steps: after you are diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-02651 Healthy babies start with you! You can help by telling your story. DPH
P-02567 Bureau of Assisted Living Provider Search Monthly Additions, July 2020 DQA
P-02732 Notice: Masks Are Required at Public Indoor Spaces OS
P-01571 Opioid Safety and Overdose Prevention Guide DPH
P-02647 FoodShare Emergency Allotment DMS
P-02632 COVID-19: Isolation release times - I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-23203 A Manual of Policies, Procedures, and Technical Assistance for the Wisconsin Aging Network DPH
P-02370A Monthly Enrollment Report for Family Care, Partnership, and PACE 2020 DMS
P-00419 FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Handbook DMS
P-02723 Wisconsin Vaccines for Children (VFC) Resource Guide DPH
P-02673C COVID-19 Employers Toolkit: Ways You Can Protect Your Employees During COVID-19 DPH
P-02716 Wisconsin-Based National Guard Sites: Still waiting for your test results? DPH
P-16001 FoodShare Wisconsin Handbook DMS
P-10030 Medicaid Eligibility Handbook DMS
P-10171 BadgerCare Plus Eligibility Handbook DMS
P-02598A Next Steps: Close contacts of someone with COVID-19 DPH
P-45328 Cancer Incidence and Mortality, 2002-2006 DPH
P-00566 Checkout Healthy - A Wisconsin Resource for Healthier Foods and Beverages in Food Stores DPH
P-00955 ForwardHealth Portal Enrollment Verification User Guide DMS
P-02256 Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Manual for the CLTS Waiver Program DMS
P-02131 Breastfeeding in Wisconsin: How Hospital Actions Can Affect Breastfeeding DPH
P-02730 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Member Flyer DMS
P-00022 Ten Steps to Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare Centers DPH
P-00507G Increase Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration & Exclusivity DPH
P-02339A Wisconsin Suspected Opioid Overdose Report - Northeastern Region DPH
P-00562 Order Up Healthy - A Wisconsin Resource for Healthier Foods and Beverages in Restaurants DPH
P-02009 Technical Assistance (TA) – Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD) DPH
P-02339B Wisconsin Suspected Opioid Overdose Report - Northern Region DPH
P-02689 Pandemic EBT Information Sheet DMS
P-02339C Wisconsin Suspected Opioid Overdose Report - Southeastern Region DPH
P-02157 Dementia Care Specialist Program: Activity Reports DPH
P-02339E Wisconsin Suspected Opioid Overdose Report - Western Region DPH
P-02728 CLTS State Level Budgeting and Waitlist Management Initiative DMS
P-02339D Wisconsin Suspected Opioid Overdose Report - Southern Region DPH
P-02685 Medicaid Enrollment Report Dashboard Instructions DMS
P-02724 Wisconsin Vaccine Transport Requirements DPH
P-16013 FoodShare for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities DMS
P-02703 Children's Services Guide to Home Visits DMS
P-02103 FoodShare Employment and Training Brochure DMS
P-02550 Overdose Fatality Reviews: A Coordinated, Multi-Agency Response OPIOIDS


Last Revised: June 18, 2020