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Governor Evers' Proposed 2023-2025 Budget

A portrait of an adult and a child.

Gov. Evers’ 2023-2025 “breakthrough budget” leverages Wisconsin’s unprecedented surplus to make substantial investments in Wisconsin’s health care, behavioral health, public health, and long-term care systems, as well as in initiatives that would advance equity and reduce disparities in our state. By recognizing that health care is a cornerstone of workforce and economic development in all communities across the state, this budget makes critical investments to support working families and address long-standing workforce needs that will drive economic growth.

It expands affordable health coverage to 89,700 Wisconsinites, invests in mental and behavioral health access for individuals across their life span, and supports all families. It leverages increased federal funding to invest hundreds of millions in the health and well-being of every Wisconsinite and reinforces Governor Evers’ declaration of 2023 as the Year of Mental Health.

Supporting a healthy Wisconsin

The budget provides coverage and reduces costs for thousands of Wisconsin residents, expanding much-needed health care to working families. It also improves health care quality and access and invests in public health initiatives that lay the groundwork for healthy communities, supporting health everywhere Wisconsinites live, work, and play.

What's included in the budget?

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Last revised April 26, 2023