Business Opportunities with the Department of Health Services

Are you interested in doing business with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)? We value your expertise and welcome you to apply for contract or grant opportunities that result in our mission of protecting and promoting health and safety of the people of Wisconsin—“We are all in this together.”

DHS contracts with counties, tribes, school districts, boards, and a number of non-profit organizations for the administration of the Department's programs. These contracts require these agencies to follow the Department's auditing requirements in the Financial Management Manual (P-80049).

For contracts and grant contracts, the official State of Wisconsin site for vendors to access information on goods and services purchased by DHS is VendorNet. VendorNet registration provides automatic notification via email each time DHS or another state agency posts a Request for Bid (RFB)/Request for Proposal (RFP) in a designated commodity/service area over $50,000.

To give you timely information regarding the status of DHS contract and grant contract opportunities, we use and follow the Contract Life Cycle Model through the various steps of the process, starting with Current Solicitations (the red arrow identified in the graphic). Select each arrow of the graphic to view different aspects of the Contract Life Cycle process.

NOTE: Some areas of the Contract Life Cycle may not contain data at this time due to the anticipated implementation of the State's unified business system (STAR). To obtain information regarding a specific record(s), please submit an Open Records Request to  For additional information, refer to Open Records-Notice of Public Records Access.

Contract Life Cycle

Current Solicitations-Request and Receive Offers (red)Pending Awards-Award Management (blue)Contract Awards (brown)Grant Contract Awards (brown)Expired Contracts Archive (tan)Expired Grant Contracts Archive (tan)Audit Management (purple)

Did you know...

Procurement is the acquisition of commodities or services by purchasing, renting, leasing, contracting, or bartering.

Purchases acquire goods or services for the direct benefit of the State and are subject to Wis. Stat. Chapter 16 Subchapter IV, and the Wisconsin State Procurement Manual.

Contracts are a formal arrangements between the DHS and one or more parties, which by their terms and elements, are enforceable by law.

Grant contracts, on the other hand, are the transfer of something of value to a recipient for the purpose of support or stimulation rather than to acquire goods or services that directly benefit the State. For further clarification of definitions used in Federal policies, refer to Federal Terminology and Definitions.

Audit management described on this web site applies primarily to grant contracts issued by the DHS due to the manner in which the grant contracts are established.

Non-procurement transactions include payments made pursuant to statute when the statute directs DHS to contract with, or grant funds to, a particular entity, agreements, contracts, or grant contracts between or among DHS and other Wisconsin state agencies.

Request for Application (RFA) is a request for grant applications, for both discretionary and competitively funded programs,  that allows organizations to apply or compete for funding to maximize the public investment in and best serve the needs of the various programs.

Request for Proposal (RFP) is a method of purchasing where specifications and requirements for the commodity or service cannot be clearly defined, but the problem, outcome and deliverables can be prescribed. Cost is only one of the factors used to choose the vendor.

Request for Bid (RFB) is a method of purchasing services and commodities that are projected to cost over $50,000 where specifications, requirements, services and end-products can be clearly defined; and once minimum requirements are met, cost is the determining factor in selecting the successful vendor(s).

Request for Information (RFI) is a formal written request which solicits from vendors specific and targeted information which DHS might use to gauge market availability or other conditions. An RFI does not (and need not) necessarily lead to a future procurement or contract for the goods or services mentioned in the RFI.  An RFI is used to obtain information only, no contract will be issued.

Last Revised: October 29, 2015