Consumer Guide to Health Care

The purpose of this guide is to help Wisconsin residents make better health care choices by providing easy access to useful information. To meet this goal, we have identified links to Wisconsin-based organizations and databases wherever possible. Links are also provided to the most comprehensive national sites.

The Consumer Guide to Health Care was developed in response to a mandate in Chapter 153, Wisconsin Statutes.

Finding and Choosing Health and Residential Care Providers in Wisconsin

How to find and choose doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of health and residential care providers.

Paying for Health Care in Wisconsin

How to choose among your insurance options, state and federal insurance programs, and options if you are on Medicare, running a small business, buying insurance on your own or losing your insurance.

Dealing with Special Health Care Situations

Finding free or reduced-fee health care; dealing with problems with a provider, your insurance, or medical debt; coping with a disability or chronic illness; and finding information for caregivers.

Becoming an Informed Health Care Consumer

Finding the safest and highest quality health care, treatment options, information on health care charges, how to find reliable help on the Web, and other government and private sources of help and information.  

Last Revised: January 3, 2017