Dose of Reality: How Wisconsin Prevents Opioid-Related Harm

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The harms of opioid use, like an overdose, can impact any family in Wisconsin. That is why we all have a role in preventing and reducing unhealthy opioid use and its related risks. It starts with real talks. Having open and honest conversations about opioids can create a supportive community where prevention, hope, and recovery can be a reality. But it’s more attainable with more support, and that starts by having real conversations, and letting others know you are there for some real talk. That support can come from all of us: friends, family, even a co-worker. When we are united in our willingness to change the way we talk about opioid use, we can speak up, lend help, and be there for those who need real help.

Prevent overdoses

Keep life going with naloxone

Naloxone (often called NARCAN®) is a medicine that can reverse an opioid overdose. It is easy to get in your community. 


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Get help now

There are many treatment options for people struggling with opioid use. Recovery is possible for everyone.

Call the Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline at 211 or 833-944-4673 for more information on services and supports available in your community.

See the data

Explore some of the data we collect on Wisconsin's opioid epidemic  

Last Revised: October 25, 2021