Memos Library

The Department of Health Services issues memos to partners and providers regarding policies and procedures and how they should be operationalized.

DHCAA issues Administrator's Memos to provide direction regarding Department policies, program administration, and funding, among others.
Division of Health Care Access and Accountability (DHCAA) issues operations memos to the consortia regarding public assistance policies and procedures and how they should be operationalized.
DLTC Information Memos are meant to communicate information that DLTC wants or needs to share with its partners and providers.
DLTC Numbered Memos usually detail actions that our partners and providers could or should take regarding the programs that DLTC administers.
DMHSAS Information Memos provide program and policy updates to DMHSAS partners and providers.
DMHSAS Numbered Memos inform partners and providers of immediate action required regarding programs and policies.
DQA issues memos to provide policies, information and interpretation of federal and state regulations and guidelines of the programs DQA regulates.
EMS issues numbered memos to update providers and interested parties of important information.
Last Revised: June 8, 2015