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Area Administration

Area Administration works with Wisconsin county human services agencies to help their residents lead healthy lives. We work closely with county staff to provide support and assistance in running health and human service programs.

Staffers around the state provide local, in-person help to counties. When county representatives have questions, issues, or need technical help, Area Administration can help find the answer or resource. Our webpage is a one-stop shop that gives counties easy access to DHS program information they need to run human services programs.

Area Administration regions

To find services and contact information in your area, choose your region below, or view a comprehensive list of Wisconsin Community Program, Social Service, and Human Service Agencies.

Local County Agency Contact Information

State of Wisconsin highlighting regions used by area administration.

Central Office Area Administration Contacts

Julie Anstett
Director, Area Administration

Amy Bell-Ferries
Deputy Director, Area Administration

General Inquiries
1 W. Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

Last revised January 23, 2024