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Two reports have published to inform program and policy planning for mental health and substance use services, as well as to develop funding and program priorities.

2019 Wisconsin Behavioral Health System Gaps Report
This report was completed by the UW Population Health Institute at the request of DHS. It identifies gaps in Wisconsin's behavioral health system in areas such as the service array, workforce, accessibility barriers, and system inequities. It also offers possible solutions to addressing these gaps. The report is based on the knowledge and experiences of service providers, state government staff, advocates, and consumers. This information was collected through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. View this report on the UW Population Health Institute website.

2019 Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Use Needs Assessment
This report was completed by DHS staff. It identifies how many individuals have needs related to mental health and substance use challenges, assesses how many individuals with these needs are receiving services and how much unmet need exists, and examines the size and scope of the mental health and substance use services workforce. This report is based primarily on large population data sets available through state and federal agencies. View this report (PDF).

NOTE: The data for these reports were collected before the COVID-19 pandemic. These reports do not reflect the impact of the pandemic on people’s behavioral health and the behavioral health system.

Last Revised: November 11, 2020