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Fight the Bite!

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Help Fight the Bite in Wisconsin!

As any Wisconsin resident knows, ticks and mosquitoes are quite the nuisance. But more than just an annoyance, they can also spread many illnesses to people. Preventing bites from ticks and mosquitoes is the key step in avoiding these illnesses.


The two types of ticks that most commonly bite people or pets in Wisconsin are the deer (black-legged) tick and the wood (dog) tick. A third type of tick that can bite people or pets in Wisconsin, the lone-star tick, is less common. Bites from all three of these ticks can make you sick. In Wisconsin ticks can spread anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Borrelia miyamotoi, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Powassan virus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia. Illnesses spread by ticks can be prevented if you take the proper steps.


Not all of the 50+ species of mosquitoes in Wisconsin bite humans, but many of those that do can spread diseases. In Wisconsin, mosquitoes can spread Eastern equine encephalitis, Jamestown Canyon virus, La Crosse encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, and West Nile virus. There are also illnesses that you can get from mosquitoes when you travel outside of the United States. Some of these diseases are chikungunya, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, and Zika virus. Illnesses spread by mosquitoes can be prevented if you take the proper steps.

June Tick Trivia

Q: What is the most common illness spread by ticks in Wisconsin?

A: Lyme disease!

Illnesses Spread by Ticks

Adult tick with black spot on back rests on a leaf

Not all ticks spread illness, but it’s important to stay aware of ticks, the illnesses they cause, and how to prevent bites.

Illnesses Spread by Mosquitoes

A silhouette of a mosquito about to bite against golden background

Only some types of mosquitoes can spread illnesses. Learn when mosquitoes are most active and how you can keep from getting sick. 

Tick Bite Prevention

Adult applying insect repellent to a child at a park

Ticks are typically most active in Wisconsin from May to November, but you should take steps to prevent illnesses spread by ticks year round.

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Bug spray being applied on legs outside

You can take steps to prevent illnesses spread by mosquitoes by using personal protection and getting rid of mosquito breeding habitats in your yard.

Questions about illnesses spread by ticks or mosquitoes? Contact us!
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Last revised June 25, 2024