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This page provides access to life expectancy estimates based on aggregated data on Wisconsin deaths. Age specific death rates are applied to aggregated deaths to produce estimates of life expectancy. Estimates are available in report and tabular formats.

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Life Expectancy Tables (Abridged Three-Year Life Tables)

These tables show current life expectancy at various ages for Wisconsin's total population and for males and females. They are based on age-specific death rates that occurred during a specified three-year period. The most recent time period shown is 2010-2012.

The life expectancy at birth in 2010-2012 (80.3 years) represents the average number of years that babies born during those years would live if throughout their lives they experienced the age-specific death rates experienced in 2010-2012.

These tables provide a "snapshot" of the mortality experience of Wisconsin residents during each three-year period. Since 1989-91, a gradual decline in death rates has meant increases in life expectancy. Two examples illustrate this:

  • During 1989-1991, life expectancy at birth in Wisconsin was 77.4 years. By 2010-2012, life expectancy at birth had increased to 80.3 years.

  • During 1989-1991, a person who was aged 50-54 could expect to live 30.3 years longer. By 2010-2012, life expectancy for a person in this age group had increased to 32.7 years.

Technical Note: These are "current" as opposed to "generation" life tables. That is, they are based on the age-specific death rates experienced by the population during a given time period, rather than the death rates experienced by a cohort (birth group) as it ages.

Three-year Period Three-year Period Three-year Period Three-year Period Three-year Period
2010-2012 2005-2007 2000-2002 1995-1997 1990-1992
2009-2011 2004-2006 1999-2001 1994-1996 1989-1991
2008-2010 2003-2005 1998-2000 1993-1995  
2007-2009 2002-2004 1997-1999 1992-1994  
2006-2008 2001-2003 1996-1998 1991-1993  

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