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Dedicated to Consistent, High-Quality Care Across the State of Wisconsin


Our Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services Section is to ensure that the highest quality and standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care is available to all citizens of and visitors to Wisconsin.

Our Vision

Through leadership, support, and regulation, the EMS Section ensures the development and maintenance of a high quality Emergency Medical Services delivery system for the State of Wisconsin. Its primary focus is to reduce both human suffering and economic loss from premature death and disability resulting from sudden illness or injury.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction online training

Attention Providers: Please make sure the email address entered in your E-Licensing account is current and that you are able to access it regularly. Our office uses the email addresses in E-Licensing to communicate with all EMS Providers, Service Directors, and Medical Directors.

Hot Topics

  • We have just added an Instructor webpage to provide specific information for all instructors.
  • All Scope of Practice (PDF, 331 KB) documents for each level have been combined and updated into one document. Please review this information to see what additional skills may have been added to your level of practice.
  • The Paramedic Drug List (PDF, 65 KB) has been updated, and now includes drug classes in addition to the individual drugs currently available at this level.
  • EMS Numbered Memo #16-01 (PDF, 57 KB) describes how to include First Responders as members of a legal crew for a service. In all cases, the Operational Plan for the service must be updated to include how this level will now be used by the service.
  • EMS Numbered Memo #16-02 (PDF, 46 KB) identifies the difference between Mutual Aid and Coverage agreements. Each has its specific purpose, and one should not be used for both situations.
  • Ebola virus web page (Department of Health Services)


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Last Revised: February 5, 2016