Lead-Safe Wisconsin

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Was your home built before 1978? If so, your children could be exposed to lead in the dust from lead-based paint. Just a small amount of lead dust can cause learning disabilities, developmental delays, and other behavior and health problems for your child. Fortunately, you can prevent exposure to lead by making sure your home is lead-safe.


Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Information

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Learn more about the effects of lead exposure on young children. Included is research on how lead exposure affects young children as they age and attend elementary school.

New Resource: Lead Poisoning: Emerging Sources of Lead P-01887A (PDF)

New Resource: 2016 Report on Childhood Lead Poisoning in Wisconsin P-01202-16 (PDF)

Contact Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program staff.

Training and Certification for Working with Lead-Based Paint

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Training and certification are required before you may offer or conduct regulated lead-based paint activities, including renovations, in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities. Our guide on Getting Certified to Work with Lead-Based Paint walks you through the process.

Contact Lead Certification Program staff.

Last Revised: January 5, 2018