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Family Health Survey

The Wisconsin Family Health Survey is a statewide random-sample telephone survey of all household residents, including children. This survey includes topics such as health insurance coverage, health status, health problems, and use of health care services. Recent reports have focused on health insurance coverage topics.

Wisconsin Health Insurance Coverage, 2021 (annual report) (May 2023)

Local Data on Poverty Status and Health Insurance Coverage in Wisconsin (updated June 2018). Tables for counties, regions, and the state that provide estimates of the number and percent of the population by poverty status, health insurance coverage over the past year, and type of health insurance.

Mental Health in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Family Health Survey, 2017 Release.

This infographic provides statistics on mental health topics in Wisconsin. (Click the graphic for a larger view.)

Infographic - Mental Health in Wisconsin

Online in Wisconsin: Findings from the Wisconsin Family Health Survey, 2015 Release, P-01143 (PDF)

This report offers information about Internet access among adult Wisconsin household residents.

American Indian Health in Wisconsin, 2015 Release: Results from the Family Health Survey, P-01094 (PDF)

This fact sheet presents statistics on the health and health care of Wisconsin's American Indian population.

Children's Health and Family Income: Wisconsin Family Health Survey, 2009-2011, P-01002 (PDF)

This fact sheet (April 2015) presents results on the relationship between family income and children's health and health care in Wisconsin.

Reports from previous years

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Carlie Malone, Wisconsin Family Health Survey

Last revised August 24, 2023