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Real Talks Wisconsin: Change the Conversation on Substance Use

Two people talking

Connecting people through meaningful conversations is one way we can reduce and prevent substance use in Wisconsin. Real Talks Wisconsin gives you the information and tools you need to have frequent conversations about substance use. Real talks are based on asking open-ended questions, having empathy, and helping to problem solve. They are the foundation of individual and community health and well-being.

Understand drug use

When you know about substance use and its impact on your family, friends, and communities, you can have more effective real talks.

Start talking

Not sure how to begin having real talks? We can help. There are simple and proven steps you can take to build trust and support.

Get help

You're not alone if you or someone you know needs help for a substance use concern. Treatment is effective. Recovery is possible.

Take action

Real talks are just the beginning in building supportive communities.

Share materials

Join us in promoting Real Talks Wisconsin.

Review data

Substance use is common in Wisconsin.

Real stories about real talks

Wisconsinites in recovery from a substance use disorder share why real talks can change lives.

Why talk

Real talks offer connection, hope, and healing.

Having a real talk

Real talks can show the people you care about you’ll be there to help when they’re ready to accept help.

The power of listening

Real talks are more than just talking. They are about listening. When a person knows you’re listening, it is easier for them to talk openly about substance use.

Getting help

Real talks can be hard. The key is to remain hopeful. Don’t give up. Seek help and support. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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Last revised May 7, 2024