Substance Use: Prevention and Healthy Living

Substance use prevention activities focus on changing the way people think, feel, and act with regard to alcohol and other drugs. The goal is to build healthy communities by reducing harmful substance use or substance use that affects a person's overall well-being. 

Substance use always comes with the risk that it might lead to addiction. Learn more about substance use disorders.

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Finding healthy ways to cope with challenges is more important than ever. Resilient Wisconsin offers strategies for practicing self-care, maintaining social connections, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Resources to prevent harmful substance use

Prevent opioid harm. It starts with real talks. 

Dose of Reality is an initiative to reduce the harmful impacts of opioid use. Help save lives throughout the state: join us in having real talks about opioids—open and honest conversations about the dangers of opioids and ways to save lives. Visit for more information.

Meth: Let's not live in an altered state

In Wisconsin, we have many time-honored traditions. Unfortunately, methamphetamine use is severely altering who we are and what we stand for. Let's restore things to the way they should be. Learn more about the dangers of methamphetamine, and what you can do to help prevent it use.

Prevent underage drinking: Have small talks

Small Talks is a campaign to reduce the number of kids who drink alcohol before the age of 21. This statewide effort encourages adults, especially parents and caregivers, to have  frequent, short, casual conversations with kids starting at age eight on the dangers of underage drinking. Visit for more information.

Meet the next generation of addictive tobacco products

Tobacco is developing new products and tricky tactics so fast, it’s tough for parents to recognize tobacco when they see it, and even tougher to talk to your kids about the terrible damage tobacco products can do. Visit for more information. 

Treatment is effective. Recovery is possible.

Call 211 or 833-944-4673 or visit to learn about local treatment services for an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Pregnant women are given priority in treatment admissions. Call 911 in a life threatening emergency.

Last Revised: July 26, 2022