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Births and Infant Deaths

This page provides access to statistical publications and other information based primarily on aggregate data from Wisconsin birth records. Wisconsin Stat. ch. 69 mandates the State Registrar in the Department of Health Services (DHS) to supervise and direct the collection of birth data. This statute also requires DHS to issue annual statistical reports based on the data.

Some of the publications on this page also rely on other data sources, including death records, fetal death reports, and reports of induced terminations of pregnancy. Wisconsin Stat. ch. 69 also governs the collection and use of these kinds of data.

Contact the Office of Health Informatics

If you have questions about the data on this page, please contact us at the Office of Health Informatics.

Annual Wisconsin Birth and Infant Mortality Report, 2018 P-01161-22 (December 2022)

Other reports and data products

Reports from Previous Years

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Copies of Vital Records

Last revised April 13, 2023