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Grant Enrollment, Application and Reporting System (GEARS)

Grant Enrollment, Application and Reporting System (GEARS), formerly CARS, is the system we use for processing contracts and reimbursing expenses for local agencies. This system calculates about 600 payments for nearly 300 different contracts each month. To modernize our fiscal payment system, we replaced CARS with GEARS. 

We are here to help make this transition as smooth as possible. This webpage will be your go-to resource for updates, tips, and more as we make the transition from CARS to GEARS.


We are updating information on a regular basis. Take a look at the CARS/GEARS Manual to see the latest.


The GEARS system calculates about 600 non-county aid checks and grant-in-aid payments for over 280 state/county, state/tribe contracts each month. The system includes human services (HS), county departments of social services (DSS) and 51 Board contracts, state agencies, municipalities, non-municipalities and Income Maintenance (IM), and tribal contracts. The system records all expenditures from the county and non-county providers. It calculates amounts due and adjustments back to the State. It also generates reports for providers, counties, and tribes under contract with the State.

More about what to expect with GEARS

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If you have any questions or need additional funding information, please contact the Bureau of Fiscal Services, GEARS Unit.


Last revised June 20, 2024