Immunization Data

Gathering credible evidence to make programmatic decisions is an important component in assessing and evaluating health outcomes and reaching immunization goals and objectives. The Wisconsin Immunization Program utilizes a goal-based evaluation model, which uses predetermined program goals as standards for evaluation. These predetermined goals are outlined in these documents:

  1. Healthy People 2020
  2. State Health Plan 2020
  3. CDC Continuing Grant Guidance

Data collected through these efforts include both primary and secondary data sources. Each method comes with advantages and disadvantages depending on the content of the data collection. Through collaboration efforts with our partners and stakeholders, we can identify gaps and challenges and work together to find solutions to meet immunization goals and objectives.

Vaccination coverage rates

Unless otherwise specified, the data source for the immunization rates presented below is the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.

Vaccine-preventable disease reports


Last Revised: October 9, 2015