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Adult Protective Services: Report Alleged Abuse

To report abuse of an adult at risk
(age 18 to 59), call your county helpline.

To report abuse in a nursing home
or other long-term care facility,
contact the Division of Quality Assurance.

To report abuse of an elder adult at risk 
(age 60 plus),
call your county helpline or the Elder Abuse Hotline at 833-586-0107.

To report abuse outside of Wisconsin,
contact the National Adult Protective Services Association.


If you believe someone you know is being abused, neglected, or financially exploited, you can get help. Call your county elder abuse helpline or the Wisconsin Elder Abuse Hotline.

Your identity is kept confidential and, by law, cannot be disclosed. When you call, you will be asked several questions. Remember, you are not required to know all the answers:

  • The name and address of the adult at risk.
  • The person’s age.
  • The type of abuse (what happened that led to your suspicions?).
  • The name of the caregiver or guardian, if any.
  • The name and relationship of the suspected abuser, if any.
  • Anything else you think it is important to report.

If you are unsure if abuse is happening but have concerns, contact your county’s elder abuse or agency with questions.

Learn how abuse is defined

What happens when someone makes a report?

Our ability to protect vulnerable adults is better than ever. Each Wisconsin county has professionals ready to help. When you file a report, one of these experienced professionals will reach out to get you the help you need.

Our first concern is the safety of the elder adult or adult at risk. We will determine the type of abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation. Services will be offered to improve the current situation and to prevent future abuse.

There are many agencies that work to reduce danger and provide help. Services may include:

  • Health care.
  • Aging programs including:
    • Transportation.
    • Nutrition.
    • Benefit counseling.
  • Domestic violence and sexual assault services, such as:
    • Safety planning.
    • Counseling.
    • Support groups.
    • Legal advocacy.
  • Criminal justice intervention.

Other available resources may be offered as well. That might include help with:

  • Home repairs.
  • Making social connections.
  • Legal matters.
Last revised October 17, 2022