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Community Resources for Families and Children

Young child uses a walker while smiling at the camera

ABC for Health, Inc.: A public interest law firm that works to improve health care access through advocacy, benefits counseling, and legal services for low-income families.

Disability Rights Wisconsin: The Governor's designated Protection and Advocacy agency for people with developmental disabilities and people with long-term mental illness. The agency provides advocacy and makes referrals in cases where there has been a violation of rights in areas such as education, special needs programming, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Center for Parent Information and Resources: Provides free, current information on disability topics, specific conditions, statistics on incidence, educational implications, and legal rights of children in the community. Information and referral is available for parents regarding direct services for children, advocacy, and support groups.

Wisconsin FACETS: A nonprofit organization serving Wisconsin children and adults with disabilities, their families and those who support them. FACETS was founded in 1995 by parents who believed that parents are the best advocates for their children.

Well Badger Resource Center: An information and referral service that assists Wisconsin families who have young children with special needs. Well Badger can help locate a variety of services for children and families, including early intervention services, financial assistance, support groups, child care respite, home health care, educational and therapy providers, medical resources, evaluation, advocacy, transportation, assistive technology devices and services.

Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative (WSPEI): A resource to connect Wisconsin families with information from other parents, schools, organizations, and agencies to enhance child learning for students with disabilities.

Last revised January 31, 2022