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Department of Health Services
1 West Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

General Phone Number: 608-266-1865
TTY Phone Number: 888-701-1251

Service Contact Phone Email
Abortion Report (statistical publication) Laura Ninneman 608-267-9055
Abstinence Program Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Accounts Payable Steve Nelson 608-266-8996
Administrative Rules (Department) Davis Ciotola 608-266-1279
Adobe Connect DHS Training Office 608-266-7276
Adolescent Health Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701
Adult Day Care Programs, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Adult Family Homes, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Advance Directives - Living Will, Power of Attorney Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Affirmative Action DHS Human Resources 608-267-7370
Agent Orange (Dioxin) Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Aging Services, Alzheimer's Kristen Felten 608-267-9719
Aging Services, Elder Abuse Referrals Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Aging Services, Elder Benefit Specialist Program Phoebe Hefko 608-267-3201
Aging Services, Employment Monica Snittler 608-267-9097
Aging Services, Fiscal Carrie Molke 608-267-5267
Aging Services, Foster Grandparents LuAnn Paepke 608-266-2695
Aging Services, Information & Assistance - Consumers Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Aging Services, Intergenerational Programs LuAnn Paepke 608-266-2695
Aging Services, Volunteer Programs LuAnn Paepke 608-266-2695
AIDS - Care and Treatment Issues Michael McFadden 608-266-0682
AIDS - Drug Assistance Program Amy Wick 608-261-6952
AIDS - Health Insurance Premium Subsidy Program Kayla Johnson 608-266-2357
AIDS - HIV Surveillance Rebecca LeBeau 608-266-8658
AIDS - Partner Counseling and Referral Services Dhana Shrestha 608-267-5288
AIDS - Prevention Tim Pilcher 608-264-6514
AIDS - Ryan White Grant Mari Ruetten 608-261-6397
AIDS - Statistical Reports Jordan Minick 608-266-0998
AIDS Program James Vergeront 608-266-9853
Air Contaminant Monitoring, Residential Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Air Pollution, Outdoor Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Alcoholism Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Aldicarb Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Algal Blooms Emelia Wollenburg 608-267-3242
Alzheimers Kristen Felten 608-267-9719
Ambulance - Air Ambulance Licensing Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Ambulance - Service Providers - Basic Ray Lemke 608-266-0737
Ambulance - Service Providers - Intermediate Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Ambulance - Service Providers - Paramedic Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Ambulatory Surgery Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Regulation Jessica Tomczak 414-227-3982
Animal Bites James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
AODA Policy/Certification/General Info Mark Hale 608-264-9864
AODA Program Certification Rule Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Arsenic (In Soil) Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Arsenic (In Water) Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Asbestos Certification Shelley Bruce 608-267-0928
Asbestos Consultants / Contractors Miriam Hasan 608-261-4949
Asbestos Inspection David Schmitt 715-836-6688
Asbestos Regulations David Schmitt 715-836-6688
Asbestos, Commercial / Industrial Daniel McClung 608-266-7168
Asbestos, Health / Medical Issues Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Asbestos, Residential Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Asbestos, Schools David Schmitt 715-836-6688
Asbestos, Training Classes Christine Lilek 608-228-0178
Asbestos, Training Course Accreditation Christine Lilek 608-228-0178
Asbestos, Vermiculite Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Assisted Living Facilities, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Asthma Cristine Rameker 608-267-6845
Audits ~ Department of Health Services Lori Thornton 608-261-8308
Autism Council Andrea Jacobson 608-261-0652
Bacterial Meningitis Susann Ahrabi-Fard 608-261-6955
BadgerCare Plus BadgerCare Member Services 800-362-3002
Bed Banking Jim Cobb 608-264-6730
Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Data Anne Ziege 608-267-9821
Bids Karl Kearns 608-266-8472
Birth and Infant Death Data Erica Garcia-Lago 608-267-2289
Birth Certificate Copies Vital Records VoiceMail Menu 608-266-1371
Birth Defects Prevention and Surveillance Peggy Helm-Quest 608-267-2945
Birth Statistics Laura Ninneman 608-267-9055
Birth to 3 Interagency Coordinating Council Terri Enters 608-267-3270
Birth To 3 Program Terri Enters 608-267-3270
Blind & Visually Impaired Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
Blind Administration Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
Blind and Visually Impaired, Support Groups for Older Blind Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
Blind, Elderly Grant Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
Block Grants, Substance Abuse Joyce Allen 608-266-1351
Bloodborne Pathogens Standards Ashlie Dowdell 608-266-1122
Bodies, Disposition of Human Corpse Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Breast Cancer Gale Johnson 608-261-6872
Breastfeeding Kathryn Pederson 608-267-9186
Brownfields Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Bureau of Aging & Disability Resources (BADR) Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Bureau of Community Health Promotion Overview Camille Rodriguez 608-266-0877
C N A (Certified Nurse Assistant/Nurse Aide) Cynthia Hintze 608-261-8328
Cancer Clusters Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Cancer Control and Prevention Cynthia Musial 608-267-3860
Cancer Incidence and Mortality Laura Stephenson 608-266-8926
Carbon Monoxide Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Caregiver Background Checks Caregiver Intake 608-261-8319
Caregiver Misconduct Complaints Caregiver Intake 608-261-8319
Caregiver Misconduct Investigations Laurie Arkens 920-448-5225
CBRFs, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Census Data Karl Pearson 608-266-1920
Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Catherine Murray 608-301-9929
Certificate of Public Advantage Randy McElhose 608-267-7127
Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death) Vital Records VoiceMail Menu 608-266-1371
Certification of Programs Under Chapter 51 Statutes Mark Hale 608-264-9864
Certified Nursing Assistant Cynthia Hintze 608-261-8328
Cervical Cancer Screening Gale Johnson 608-261-6872
Chemical Exposures Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Chemical Spills Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Chemical Terrorism Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Chickenpox Stephanie Schauer 608-264-9884
Childhood Lead Poisoning Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Sharon Fleischfresser 608-266-3674
Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) Teresa Steinmetz 608-266-2861
Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Camille Rodriguez 608-266-0877
Chronic Renal Disease Program - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701
Civil Rights Compliance Jerry Grimshaw 608-266-0667
Client Rights Under DHS94 (DCTS) Laura O'Flanagan 608-266-9369
Climate and Public Health Colleen Moran 608-261-8868
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certification Angela Mack 608-266-7485
Clinical Labs Angela Mack 608-266-7485
Cocaine Exposed Babies Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Jennifer Keeley 608-266-8403
Communication (Risk Communication) Beth Kaplan 608-261-9303
Community Aids Reporting (CARS) Justin Brown 608-267-7130
Community Based Residential Facilities, General Colette Anderson 608-266-7463
Community Health Centers Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Community Recovery Services (CRS) Ronald Bonlender 608-267-9864
Community Support Programs, Mental Health Brad Munger 608-266-2754
Community Water Fluoridation Robbyn Kuester 608-266-0876
Complaints ~ Clinics (All other clinics) DATCP Consumer Protection 800-422-7128
Complaints ~ Discrimination (Department) Jerry Grimshaw 608-266-0667
Complaints ~ Physicians Department of Safety Professional Services 608-266-7482
Complaints ~ Social Worker Contact County
Complaints, Ambulance Services Helen Pullen 608-266-1568
Complaints, Assisted Living (ADC, AFH, CBRF, RCAC) Bureau Assisted Living 800-642-6552
Complaints, Caregiver Misconduct Caregiver Misconduct Complaints
Complaints, Hospitals, ESRD's, ASC's 800-642-6552
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Eau Claire (Western Region) Tammy Modl 715-836-3030
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Green Bay (NE Region) Leona Magnant 920-448-5241
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Madison (Southern Region) Ann Angell 608-266-9422
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Milwaukee (SE Region) Carol Jean Rucker 414-227-4563
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Rhinelander (Northern Region) Jessica Radtke 715-365-2801
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Amy Conlon
Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Langeston Hughes 608-266-9612
Congenital Disorders Program Lindsey Zetzsche 608-267-7148
Connect, Adobe DHS Training Office 608-266-7276
Constituent Relations Leanne Bergstrom 608-266-8427
Construction - Remodeling Henry Kosarzycki 414-227-4951
Consumer Information Report Richard Betz 608-264-9898
Contracts, Procurement (Only DCTS/BPTR) Pam Beetham 608-261-9315
Coordinators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Amber Mullett 608-261-7823
Coroner Information Michelle Smith 608-261-4944
Corporate Guardianships Dinh Tran 608-266-6646
Cost Allocation David Corbett 608-267-3903
Council on Blindness Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
County Issues Jamie Fawcett 715-836-3892
County Public Health Profiles Yiwu Zhang 608-267-0334
Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) Consultation/Training Cremear Mims 414-227-4556
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Hearing Aids Mason Aumanstal 608-266-3118
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Interpreting Information Amber Mullett 608-261-7823
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Telecommunication Assistance Program Meta Cucinotta 608-266-3118
Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind Referral Information Amber Mullett 608-261-7823
Death Investigation (1989 Act 336) Kelly Terrab 608-267-2838
Death Statistics Erica Garcia-Lago 608-267-2289
Death, reportable Kelly Terrab 608-267-2838
Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Demographic Information Karl Pearson 608-266-1920
Dental Medicaid BadgerCare Member Services 800-362-3002
Developmental Disabilities, Birth-To-3 Program Terri Enters 608-267-3270
Developmental Disabilities, Community Services Deborah Rathermel 608-267-3712
Developmental Disabilities, Supported Employment Program Tammy Hofmeister 608-266-7251
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Mary Pesik 608-267-3694
Dialysis Centers, Survey/Certification Cremear Mims 414-227-4556
Dietary Services Vickie Bergquist 920-448-5238
Dioxin Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Diphtheria Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Directories, Assisted Living Facilities Richard Betz 608-264-9898
Directories, CBRF Karl Kletzien 608-266-7188
Directories, Health Facilities Karl Kletzien 608-266-7188
Directories, Residential Facilities Karl Kletzien 608-266-7188
Disability Determination, Social Security and SSI John Crossman 608-267-3644
Disability of Medicaid Claims and Katie Beckett Determinations Vickie Davis 608-267-9857
Disability Services, Benefit Specialist Program Rosa Plasencia 608-264-9851
Disability ~ Reasonable Accommodation Stephanie Endres 608-267-6733
Division of Public Health Barb Anderson 608-267-7714
Division of Quality Assurance Main Phone 608-266-1120
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Northeastern Regional Office Kathy Lyons 920-448-4800
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Southeastern Regional Office Susan Farmer 414-227-4908
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Southern Regional Office Linda Boswell 608-266-8339
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Western Regional Office Bill Gardner 715-836-4029
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Northeastern Regional Office Leona Magnant 920-448-5241
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Northern Regional Office Jessica Radtke 715-365-2801
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Southern Regional Office Ann Angell 608-266-9422
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Western Regional Office Tammy Modl 715-836-3030
Division of Quality Assurance, Office of Caregiver Quality Laurie Arkens 920-448-5225
Divorce Statistics Erica Garcia-Lago 608-267-2289
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order Laurel Clary 608-266-0473
Do Not Resuscitate Bracelet Laurel Clary 608-266-0473
Drinking Water Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Drugs Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Durable Medical Equipment Matthew Fanale 608-266-7415
Durable Medical Equipment Dawn Poppe-Lake 608-267-8925
Early Intervention Program/Birth to 3 Program Terri Enters 608-267-3270
Education/Exercises, Preparedness Jeffrey Phillips 608-266-6761
Elderly Services Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Electromagnetic Fields Charles Adams 608-267-4794
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Leon Lipp 608-301-1601
Emergency Detention Donna Wrenn 608-266-7072
Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Kitty Kocol 608-267-9071
Emergency Human Services Jan Devore 608-264-6303
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) James Newlun 608-261-6870
Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Amalia Brouillard 414-292-4012
Emergency Medical Services, Communications Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Emergency Medical Services, First Responder Certification/Trng Ray Lemke 608-266-0737
Emergency Medical Services, Funding Assistance Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Emergency Medical Services, Training Centers Helen Pullen 608-266-1568
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing - Basic Ray Lemke 608-266-0737
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing – Intermediate, Intermediate Tech, and AEMT Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing – Paramedic Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Emergency Operations Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Emergency Response (DHS/DPH) Health Emergencies (general) Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Emergency Response, Radiological Paul Schmidt 608-267-4792
Employment Verification DHS Human Resources 608-267-7370
End Stage Renal Dialysis Providers, Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481
End Stage Renal Disease Cremear Mims 414-227-4556
Entity Background Checks Laurie Arkens 920-448-5225
Environmental / Occupational Health - Main line Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health 608-266-1120
Environmental Contamination Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Environmental Disease Tracking Jenny Camponeschi 608-267-3811
Environmental Epidemiology Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Environmental, General Jeffrey Phillips 608-266-6761
Exercises and Evaluation - Preparedness Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Experimental Procedures/Transplants, Medicaid Coverage Dr. Lora Wiggins 608-267-7999
Facilities Engineering Mark Zaccagnino 608-266-2902
Facilities For Developmentally Disabled Dinh Tran 608-266-6646
Family Care BMC Bureau of Managed Care 608-267-7286
Family Health Survey Data Audrey Nohel 608-267-0244
Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Judy Allen 608-261-8867
Federal Reports (Fiscal) Laurie Palchik 608-266-7267
Federal Sanctions Shari Klessig 608-266-7952
Federal/State Enforcement (DQA Only) Shari Klessig 608-266-7952
Federally Qualified Health Center, Medicaid Michael Stuve 608-266-0512
Feeding Assistant Programs Cynthia Hintze 608-261-8328
Field Operations, Health - Eau Claire Tim Ringhand 715-836-3944
Field Operations, Health - Green Bay Christopher Culotta 920-448-5220
Field Operations, Health - Madison David Pluymers 608-266-2757
Field Operations, Health - Milwaukee Dawn Mumaw 414-227-4926
Field Operations, Health - Rhinelander Angela Nimsgern 715-365-2721
First Responder Services Ray Lemke 608-266-0737
Fiscal Officer, Department Robert Halverson 608-266-2019
Fish Advisories/Toxics Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Fish Consumption Advisories Brooke Thompson 608-261-9325
Fitness Center, CPR Cert Chuck Happel 608-266-0471
Fleet Manager (DHS) Ronald Hooker 414-289-5722
Flooding Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Fluoride Operations Robbyn Kuester 608-266-0876
Food Management, Institutions only Donna Krippner 920-235-4910
Food Pantries Kitty Kocol 608-267-9071
Foodborne Illness Rachel Klos 608-267-7422
Forfeiture, Nursing Home Gail Hansen 608-266-2966
Fruits and Vegetable Nutrition Program Kelli Stader 608-267-9194
Functional Screen, Long Term Care Sandy Blakeney 608-261-7651
Gambling Jamie McCarville 608-267-7712
Gardening, Environmental Concerns Adam Streiffer 608-266-9337
Genealogy Studies (appointments) Molly Temple 608-266-9455
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Statements (Dept) David Corbett 608-267-3903
Governor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities Carrie Molke 608-267-5267
Groundwater Standards Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Group Home, Adult Licensing Bureau of Assisted Living Central Licensing Unit 608-266-8482
Guardianship - Adults / Referrals Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Guardianship, Corporate Dinh Tran 608-266-6646
Hazardous Waste Sites Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Health & Safety (Department) Brenda Clifton 608-267-5227
Health & Safety/Adult Protective Services for Developmental Disabilities Deborah Rathermel 608-267-3712
Health Care Facility Regulation Shari Klessig 608-266-7952
Health Effects from Chemical Exposure Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Kathy Johnson 608-266-5484
Health Insurance Statistics Audrey Nohel 608-267-0244
Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Healthcare, Preparedness Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) Ashlie Dowdell 608-266-1122
Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 and 2020 Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Healthy Birth Jayne Vargas 608-266-0220
Hearing Screening for Newborns and Infants Sharon Fleischfresser 608-266-3674
Heart Disease and Stroke Jessica Link 608-261-9422
Hepatitis A James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
Hepatitis B Stephanie Borchardt 608-266-9923
Hepatitis C Sheila Guilfoyle 608-266-5819
Hepatitis D Stephanie Borchardt 608-266-9923
Hepatitis E James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
Herbicides, Health Effects Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Herpes Loriann Wunder 608-266-7922
HIPAA - Privacy Officer Kathy Johnson 608-266-5484
HIV Testing Jacob Dougherty 608-261-9429
Home Health Agencies - Survey Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Home Health Agencies, Regulation Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice Interface, Nursing Homes/CBRFs Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice Regulation Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice, Survey Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospital State Plan, Organ Transplants Dr. Lora Wiggins 608-267-7999
Hospitals, Emergency Department Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
Hospitals, Inpatient Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
Hospitals, Trauma Designation Julie Forcier 608-261-9300
Housing, Low-Income - Aged Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Human Health Hazard Mark Werner 608-266-7480
Human Resources DHS Human Resources 608-267-7370
IDR (Informal Dispute Resolution) - DQA Patricia Benesh 608-264-9896
Immunization Cecilia He 608-266-1339
Independent Living Centers Lisa Sobczyk 608-266-9354
Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Indoor Air Quality, Schools & Residential Jessica Maloney 608-267-7199
Infant Feeding / Infant Formulas Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Infant Health Screening Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Influenza Tom Haupt 608-266-5326
Influenza, Pandemic Preparedness Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Injection Drug Use Elizabeth Collier 608-267-7707
Injury Prevention Kate Gillespie 608-266-1538
Institutional Billing & Collections Mary Jablonski 608-261-5984
Integrated Background Information System (IBIS) Laurie Arkens 920-448-5225
Intergenerational Programs LuAnn Paepke 608-266-2695
Internal Audit Lori Thornton 608-261-8308
International Health Savitri Tsering 608-267-3733
Internet Updates (only DQA) Chris Benesh 608-266-1718
Interstate Compact: Adult, Mental Health & DD Julie Anstett 608-261-8342
Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) LeeAnn Cooper 608-266-2453
J-1 VISA Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Laboratory Certification Angela Mack 608-266-7485
Lead Abatement Jessica Fournier 608-267-3862
Lead Certification Shelley Bruce 608-267-0928
Lead Free / Lead Safe Property Registry Shelley Bruce 608-267-0928
Lead Hazard Reduction Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead Health Effects Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Lead Inspection Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead Investigators Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead Poisoning, Adult Carrie Tomasallo 608-267-4465
Lead Poisoning, Children Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Lead Registry Shelley Bruce 608-267-0928
Lead Regulation Miriam Hasan 608-261-4949
Lead Risk Assessment Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead Testing, Adults Carrie Tomasallo 608-267-4465
Lead Testing, Children Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Lead Training Classes Christine Lilek 608-228-0178
Lead Training Course Accreditation Shelley Bruce 608-267-0928
Lead, Elevated Blood Lead Investigations Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Lead, Exposure During Pregnancy Margie Coons 608-267-0473
Lead, General Information Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead, Schools Kristi Tennie 608-266-9379
Lead-Safe Renovation Training Classes Christine Lilek 608-228-0178
Lead-Safe Work Practices Jessica Fournier 608-267-3862
LGBT Health Jacob Dougherty 608-261-9429
Lice, Head Tom Haupt 608-266-5326
Life Safety Code, Plan Review Henry Kosarzycki 414-227-4951
Life Safety Code, Survey/Certification-Acute Henry Kosarzycki 414-227-4951
Living Will Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
Loan Forgiveness Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Lyme Disease Rebecca Osborn 608-261-6388
Mammography Quality Standards Act - MQSA William Balke 608-267-4787
Managed Long-Term Care BMC Bureau of Managed Care 608-267-7286
Manure Spills, Health Concerns Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Marquette University School of Dentistry Mark Moss 608-266-5152
Marriage Licenses Lisa Hebl 608-267-7816
Marriage Statistics Erica Garcia-Lago 608-267-2289
Maternal and Child Health Jody Brassfield 608-267-7174
MDS Statistics Tony Reeves 608-267-3325
MDS Technical Support Chris Benesh 608-266-1718
MDS/OASIS Coordinator Chris Benesh 608-266-1718
Measles Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Medicaid Abuse/Fraud Alan White 608-266-7436
Medicaid Managed Care Makalah Wagner 608-266-9248
Medicaid, HMOs & Managed Care Makalah Wagner 608-266-9248
Medicaid, Administrative Rule Alfred Matano 608-267-6848
Medicaid, Nursing Home Rate Setting Rene Eastman 608-264-9870
Medicaid, Transplant / Experimental Procedures Dr. Lora Wiggins 608-267-7999
Medical Examiner Information Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consumer Affairs Kenya Bright 608-267-9392
Mental Health Services for Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) Teresa Steinmetz 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Block Grant & State Plans Ryan Stachoviak 608-261-9316
Mental Health, Children & Adolescent Teresa Steinmetz 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Clinical Consultant for Children’s Services Teresa Steinmetz 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Consumer Relations Lalena Lampe 608-266-2476
Mental Health, Criminal Justice Lorie Goeser 608-266-3145
Mental Health, Crisis Intervention Brad Munger 608-266-2754
Mental Health, Death Investigations Alicia Boehme 608-266-5525
Mental Health, Elderly Kenya Bright 608-267-9392
Mental Health, Evaluation Specialist Tim Connor 608-261-6744
Mental Health, Family Initiative for Children Teresa Steinmetz 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Family Initiatives for Adults Kenya Bright 608-267-9392
Mental Health, Financing Joyce Allen 608-266-1351
Mental Health, Institutes General Patrick Cork 608-267-8929
Mental Health, Program Certification Mark Hale 608-264-9864
Mercury Poisoning Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Metals, Health Effects Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Meth Labs (Methamphetamine) Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Methadone Treatment Services Elizabeth Collier 608-267-7707
Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Technical Support Chris Benesh 608-266-1718
Mining, Health Effects Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Minority Health Program Maria Flores 608-266-3716
Mold Jessica Maloney 608-267-7199
MRC Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Mumps Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
National Health Service Corps Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Nitrates Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Noise, Environmental Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Northeastern Regional Office -Public Health (Green Bay) Christopher Culotta 920-448-5220
Northeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Kathy Lyons 920-448-4800
Northeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Leona Magnant 920-448-5241
Northern Regional Office - Public Health (Rhinelander) Jamie LaBrasca
Northern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Jessica Radtke 715-365-2801
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Jacqueline Neurohr 715-723-5542
Nurse Aide Registry Pearson Vue 877-329-8760
Nurse Aide Testing American Red Cross 866-257-5424
Nurse Aide Training Cynthia Hintze 608-261-8328
Nursing Home Licensing Gail Hansen 608-266-2966
Nursing Home Reimbursement Rene Eastman 608-264-9870
Nutrition Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Nutrition - Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Peggy Helm-Quest 608-267-2945
OASIS Statistics Tony Reeves 608-267-3325
OASIS Technical Support Chris Benesh 608-266-1718
Occupational Health Surveillance Carrie Tomasallo 608-267-4465
Occupational Safety and Health Barbara Grajewski 608-266-0923
Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Amber Mullett 608-261-7823
Office of Caregiver Quality, Division of Quality Assurance Laurie Arkens 920-448-5225
Official Media Contact DHS Media Contact 608-266-1683
Organ and Tissue Donor Program Martha Mallon 608-261-6854
Organ Transplant Programs, Medicaid Dr. Lora Wiggins 608-267-7999
Organizational Charts DHS Human Resources 608-267-7370
Overweight/Obesity Mary Pesik 608-267-3694
PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Diane Poole 608-267-4896
Partnership Program, Wisconsin (WPP) Diane Poole 608-267-4896
PASARR for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Donna Wrenn 608-266-7072
Payroll DHS Payroll
PBB’s, PCB’s, PCP Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
Personal Care Agencies Lisa Imhof 608-266-2702
Pertussis Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Pharmacy Doug Englebert 608-266-5338
Physical Activity Jonathon Morgan 608-266-9781
Physician Fee Assessment Kathryn Klement 608-267-9490
Polio Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Population Estimates Karl Pearson 608-266-1920
Portable X-Ray Services Policy William Balke 608-267-4787
Power of Attorney Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536
PRAMS (MCH contact) Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
PRAMS (OHI Contact) Christopher Huard 608-266-0377
Pre-term Babies Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Preparedness - Exercises, Training, Education, and Evaluation Brian Kaczmarski 608-215-1025
Preparedness - Healthcare Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Preparedness - Infection Control Ashlie Dowdell 608-266-1122
Preparedness - Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Preparedness - Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Jeffrey Phillips 608-266-6761
Preparedness - Volunteers Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Preparedness - Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) Billee Bayou 608-266-3558
Primary Care Cooperative Agreement Anne Dopp 608-267-7121
Prion Diseases James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
Private Well Water Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Program Certification, AODA & Mental Health Mark Hale 608-264-9864
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Diane Poole 608-267-4896
Provider Regulation Shari Klessig 608-266-7952
Public Health Main Line 608-266-1251
Public Health Nutrition Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Public Health Preparedness Program Joseph Cordova 608-267-9010
Public Health Workforce Development Program Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Purchases & Services Karl Kearns 608-266-8472
Rabies James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
RADAR (Regional AODA Awareness Res. Network) Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Radioactive Materials, Licensing, Agreement Mark Paulson 608-264-6516
Radioactive Waste/Radiological Health Paul Schmidt 608-267-4792
Radiological Environmental Monitoring Robert Busch 608-267-7320
Radon Jessica Maloney 608-267-7199
Records Management (Department) Lois Mulder 608-266-8502
Recruitment Questions BHR Bureau of Human Resources 608-267-7370
Register of Deeds Information Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Residential Care Apartment Complexes, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Restrictive Measures Policy BMC Bureau of Managed Care 608-267-7286
Risk Communication Beth Kaplan 608-261-9303
Rubella Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Rural Health Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Rural Health Clinic Regulation Jessica Tomczak 414-227-3982
SCAODA Council Michael Derr 608-267-3948
School Health Jonathon Morgan 608-266-9781
School-based Sealant Program Robbyn Kuester 608-266-0876
Self Directed Supports Waiver (IRIS) Jody Brassfield 608-267-7174
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Tom Haupt 608-266-5326
Sewer Gas Ryan Wozniak 608-267-3227
Sexual Violence Prevention Kate Gillespie 608-266-1538
Sexually Transmitted Disease Anthony Wade 608-266-2854
SNS (Strategic National Stockpile) Jeffrey Phillips 608-266-6761
Soil - Chemical Contamination Adam Streiffer 608-266-9337
Southeastern Regional Office - Public Health (Milwaukee) Dawn Mumaw 414-227-4926
Southeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Michelle Crockett 414-227-4565
Southeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Carol Jean Rucker 414-227-4563
Southern Regional Office - Public Health (Madison) Christina Beach-Baumgartner 608-266-2757
Southern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Alfred Johnson 608-266-8598
Southern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Ann Angell 608-266-9422
Southern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Michelle Bradley Glenn 262-878-6601
Space & Leasing Jennifer Quale 608-264-9455
Spills, Toxic Henry Nehls-Lowe 608-266-3479
Spinal Cord Injury Carrie Molke 608-267-5267
State Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dan Millikin 608-284-8224
State Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Michael Derr 608-267-3948
State Council on Physical Disabilities Dan Johnson 608-267-9582
State Health Officer Karen McKeown 608-267-7828
State Health Plan Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
State Opiod Treatment Authority Elizabeth Collier 608-267-7707
State Opiod Treatment Authority/Controlled Substance Specialist Elizabeth Collier 608-267-7707
State Plans, AODA Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
State Plans, Medicaid Alfred Matano 608-267-6848
STD Anthony Wade 608-266-2854
Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Jeffrey Phillips 608-266-6761
Stroke Registry Jessica Link 608-261-9422
Substance Abuse Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Substance Abuse Evaluation and Quality Improvement Kay Cram 608-261-9312
Substance Abuse Policy Development Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Substance Abuse Prevention Christine Niemuth 608-261-7655
Substance Abuse, IDP/OWI LeeAnn Cooper 608-266-2453
Substance Abuse, Tribes/Intercultural Populations Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Substance Abuse, Women/Special Populations Bernestine Jeffers 608-261-0651
Superfund Sites Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Survey/Certification (DQA) CLIA Angela Mack 608-266-7485
Tanning Devices Sandra Anible 608-267-4782
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) Kitty Kocol 608-267-9071
Ticks Rebecca Osborn 608-261-6388
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Vicki Huntington 608-267-3823
Toxicology, General Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
TRAIN Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Training, Department DHS Training Office 608-266-7276
Trash Burning Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Trauma Informed Care Scott Webb 608-266-3610
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) New Program Approval Nikki Andrews 608-261-6730
Tribal Affairs Gail Nahwahquaw 608-261-9334
Tuberculosis (TB) Traci DeSalvo 608-267-9009
Uniform Fee System David Demaske 608-261-4946
Uninsured (and Health Insurance Coverage) Data Audrey Nohel 608-267-0244
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Sharon Fleischfresser 608-266-3674
Vaccines Cecilia He 608-266-1339
Vehicles Ronald Hooker 414-289-5722
Ventilator Units, Patients on Nikki Andrews 608-261-6730
Visually Impaired Thomas Langham 414-302-2765
Vital Records, Customer Services/Record Search/Special Records Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Vital Records, Records Conversion and Protection/Fraud Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Volunteers - Preparedness Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Water - Chemical Contamination Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Weather Events, Severe Henry Nehls-Lowe 608-266-3479
WEAVR, Volunteer Registry Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
Webcast, Adobe Connect DHS Training Office 608-266-7276
Webcast, Livestream Cody Michels 608-261-8344
Website Manager Angela Redington
Well Contamination Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Well Woman Program (WWWP) Gale Johnson 608-261-6872
Well Woman Program - Claims and Provider Payments Sharon Kaufman 608-221-3846
West Nile Virus Rebecca Osborn 608-261-6388
Western Regional Office - Public Health (Eau Claire) Tim Ringhand 715-836-3944
Western Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Bill Gardner 715-836-4029
Western Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Tammy Modl 715-836-3030
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
WI-TRAIN Paul Wittkamp 608-261-9306
WIC (Women-Infants-Children) Nutrition Program Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Wind Turbines Mark Werner 608-266-7480
Winnebago Mental Health Institute Byran Bartow
Wisconsin Alliance for Youth Joyce Allen 608-266-1351
Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) Billee Bayou 608-266-3558
Wisconsin Immunization Registry Matthew Verdon 608-261-4948
Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP) Diane Poole 608-267-4896
Wisconsin Wins (WI WINS) Nancy Michaud 608-266-0181
Wise Woman - Cardiovascular Health Gale Johnson 608-261-6872
WISH (Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
WisLoan Carrie Molke 608-267-5267
WISTECH Carrie Molke 608-267-5267
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Nutrition Program Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Vendor Applications Jean Diedrich 608-261-9438
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Vendor Fraud Carrie Coenen 608-267-9744
Women’s Health Terry Kruse 608-267-9662
Wood Boilers, Outdoor Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Wood, Treated Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
X-Ray Exposure - Medical Jonathan Meiman 608-261-6375
X-Ray Registration - Inspection William Balke 608-267-4787
Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) Randall Glysch 608-266-9708
Last Revised: September 28, 2016