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DCTS Action Memos

DCTS Action Memos inform partners and providers of immediate action required regarding programs and policies.

Only active memos are shown below. All other memos are no longer active.

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Memo Number Description Issue Date Attachments Obsolete date
2024-03 Action
Community Mental Health Services Block Grant – Community Aids Formula Allocation and Reporting Requirements
2024-02 Action
Community Mental Health Allocation CY 2024
2024-01 Action
2023 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Annual Report and Substance Abuse Prevention Services Information System Final Submission
2023-20 Action
Waiver Requests for Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers in Community Support Programs
2023-19 Action
Residential Crisis Stabilization Facilities Licensure/Certification
2023-14 Action
Rate Information for Billing for Services Provided by the Mental Health Institutes
2023-12 Action
Rate Information for Billing for Services Provided by the Centers for People with Intellectual Disabilities
2023-10 Action
Updates to the Community Recovery Services Program
2022-18 Action
Intoxicated Driver Program - Approved Training (IDP-AT)
2022-09 Action
Driver Safety Plans and Medication-Assisted Treatment
2022-08 Action
Reimbursement for Mental Health High Cost Placements Ordered by a Tribal Court
2021-15 Action
Prohibited Restraints and Restrictive Measures in Community-Based Programs and Facilities
2020-14 Action
Mental Health Day Treatment for Youth Certification
2020-10 Action
Coordination of Services for Children who are Dually Eligible for the Comprehensive Community Services and the Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver Programs
2020-07 Action
Reimbursement for Emergency Detention Services Provided to Non-Wisconsin Residents
2020-02 Action
Medicaid-funded Crisis Intervention Services Regional Designation
Last revised December 19, 2023