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Blueprint of DHS facility at 1 West Wilson

Division of Enterprise Services (DES)

The Division of Enterprise Services (DES) oversees financial management, information systems and technology, personnel and employment relations, affirmative action and civil rights compliance, purchasing and contract administration, facilities management, project management, and other administrative services. DES also handles purchasing, strategic sourcing and contract administration, facilities management and capital budget, project management, and other administrative services. It is responsible for billing, collection and related accounting for state institutions.

Programs and Services within the Division of Enterprise Services

Bureau of Fiscal Services

Manages the Department's accounts and appropriations, Federal reporting and payment processing. Operates and maintains the centralized fiscal management systems, processes fiscal transactions for a wide range of vendors.

Bureau of Human Resources

Manages staffing, classification, and compensation; provides employee relations and performance management services; manages the development and implementation of HR polices and initiatives; oversees Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity compliance in employment; coordinates the employee assistance program; provides risk management services; and manages payroll and benefits for the Department.

Bureau of Information Technology Services

Manages centralized information technology hardware, software and services for the Department. Includes development of new applications, maintenance and support of legacy applications, planning and development for centralized technology projects and initiatives, contract administration for outsourced IT services, maintenance, and support of over 5,000 workstations and other devices. Also provides project management and consulting services, supports management of the Department’s project portfolios and provides training to efficiently and effectively manage projects throughout the Department.

Bureau of Procurement and Contracting

Provides support and visibility to strengthen the Department's procurement process and contract management, including acquisition of goods and services, contract policy, practice, technical assistance/training, and civil rights compliance.

Office of Facilities, Safety, and Risk Management

Provides risk management, health & safety, Capital project engineering, project management, Continuity of Operations, emergency response planning and implementation, space planning and design, property leasing and real estate, fleet and parking management. Wellness, Employee Assistance Program, physical security, mail services and forms center inventory for the Department. Additionally, they manage the main entrance reception desk at 1 W Wilson.

Office of Organizational and Employee Development

Provides innovative, high-quality learning opportunities, resources and services.

Division of Enterprise Services

PO Box 7850
Madison, WI 53707-7850
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Last revised April 13, 2023