General Information

Cholera is a bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract. The bacterium is called Vibrio cholera. Although cholera is a very rare disease today, six worldwide outbreaks were documented between 1817 and 1911 that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Currently, only a few cases are reported in the United States each year.

Information for Providers

This is a Wisconsin disease surveillance category I disease:

  • Report IMMEDIATELY by TELEPHONE to the patient's local public health department upon identification of a confirmed or suspected case. The local health department shall then notify the state epidemiologist immediately of any confirmed or suspected cases. Submit a case report within 24 hours. Submit a case report electronically through the Wisconsin Electronic Surveillance System (WEDSS), by mail or fax using an Acute and Communicable Disease case report F44151 (Word) or by other means.
  • Information on communicable disease reporting
Wisconsin case reporting and public health follow-up guidelines

For testing information, please call: Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Clinical Customer Service 800-862-1013

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Last Revised: October 7, 2021