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Chronic Disease Prevention Program: Contacts

The Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) helps thousands of people through our Chronic Disease Prevention Program. We offer resources and technical assistance for chronic disease prevention and treatment.

From the list of contacts below, reach out to the person who best matches your need. We’re here to help!

Dr. Mark Wegner
Chronic Disease Medical Advisor

Mary Pesik
Chronic Disease Prevention Unit Supervisor

Kathy Clark
Grants Specialist

Ryan Budziszewski
Chronic Disease Prevention Communication Specialist

Morgan Krhin
Community Health Worker Coordinator

Chris Chapman
Community Health Program Coordinator

Jessica Kimber
Community Health Specialist

Kayla Carlin
Community Health Worker Evaluator

John Bowser
Coverdell Stroke Program Director

Chandler Hansen
Coverdell Stroke Outreach Specialist

Kyleen Maccoux
Coverdell Stroke Quality Improvement Specialist

Martin Salas
Public Health Educator

Shelby Vadjunec
Chronic Disease Prevention Data and Evaluation Coordinator

Rachel Meyer
Chronic Disease Prevention Epidemiologist

Ka Xiong
Coverdell Stroke Epidemiologist

Anne Gargano Ahmed
Heart Health Coordinator

Kelli Stader
Nutrition/Breastfeeding Coordinator

Lexi Davis
Healthy Communities Coordinator

Pam Geis
Diabetes Program Coordinator/ National Diabetes Prevention Program State Quality Specialist

Marilyn Hodgson
Chronic Disease Quality Initiatives Coordinator

Stef Bugasch Scopoline
Nutrition and Physical Activity Program Coordinator

Last revised November 13, 2023