Wisconsin Epi Express

The Wisconsin Epi Express (WEE) is a periodic update on communicable disease issues prepared by the Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH), Bureau of Communicable Diseases. The target audience are members of the public health surveillance system. It is distributed electronically and contains short status reports on outbreaks and updates on progress in controlling communicable diseases.

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Wisconsin Epi Express March-2014

1. Surveillance for Human Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy
2. Rabies Jurisdictional Issues
3. DPH Surveillance and Outbreak Support Team and Local Health Departments Collaborate on Enteric Disease Follow Up 
4. Resources for Meningococcal Disease and Invasive Haemophilus Infections
5. Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 released by DHS
6. Upcoming Meetings, Trainings & Important Dates


Wisconsin Epi Express February-2013 

1. Norovirus update
2. False-positive hepatitis A test results
3. Wisconsin Influenza update
4. Updated hepatitis B and C case definitions
5. Meetings, trainings and important dates


Wisconsin Epi Express 11-20-2012 

1. Strep throat outbreaks in schools 
2. Optimal sampling for Legionellosis
3. News: National fungal meningitis outbreak, publication
4. Meetings, trainings and important dates

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-31-2012 

1. Non-polio enteroviral illnesses 
2. Response for domestic animals potentially exposed to rabies
3. Travel-associated illnesses: Dengue
4. World Rabies Day
5. Meeting announcements and training opportunities

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-28-2012 

1. Babesiosis in Wisconsin, 2007-2011 
2. Redesigned Communicable Diseases website
3. Modified Lyme disease reporting requirements
4. Salmonella Bareilly outbreak summary
5. Meeting announcements and training opportunities

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-17-2012 

1. Invasive Haemophilus influenzae summary, 2002-2011 
2. 2012 Vector-borne season
3. Meeting announcements and training opportunities

Wisconsin Epi Express 02-16-2012 

1. Novel Influenza case and ILI activity in Wisconsin 
2. Wisconsin Division of Public Health's Surveillance and Outbreak Support (SOS) Team
3. Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Linked to Hospital's Decorative Fountain   
4. Meeting announcements and training opportunities


Wisconsin Epi Express 04-20-2011 

1. World Meningitis Day - April 24, 2011 
2. Fee-exempt Rabies Testing Policy Should Not Delay Submissions
3. Summary of invasive meningococcal disease, Wisconsin, 1996-2010, and updated ACIP recommendations for meningococcal conjugate vaccines

Wisconsin Epi Express 01-14-2011 

1. Updated protocols for invasive meningococcal disease and Haemophilus influenzae infection
2. Norovirus outbreaks in long-term care facilities


Wisconsin Epi Express 01-15-2008 

1. CDC's HPV education and training products
2. Past Issues of the Wisconsin Epi Express Now Available Online
3. Dr. Peter Shult of the State Lab Testifies before Congress
4. MRSA Resources Available on the Web
5. New BCDP Staff Contact and Disease Specialty Lists Available
6. Wisconsin State Public Health Laws on the Web 
7. AIDS/HIV Program piloting multi-jurisdiction HIV partner counseling and referral service
8. New APIC recommendations on the use of hepatitis A vaccine for postexposure prophylaxis


Wisconsin Epi Express 08-23-2007 

1. First Reported Case of Vancomycin Intermediate Staphylococcus aureus in Wisconsin
2. Summer 2007 WISCONSIN AIDS/HIV UPDATE Posted on Web
3. Rapid HIV Testing Technology Update
4. Babesiosis Cases Increasing in Wisconsin
5. Wisconsin Supreme Courts rules in favor of confinement of TB patients for treatment
6. Enterovirus Activity in Wisconsin, 2007
7. Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS) Update
8. Lincoln County Blastomycosis Outbreak: January-April 2006

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-14-2007 

1.  Refugee numbers declining
2.  Health Works: About the Norovirus
3.  Norovirus Surveillance in Wisconsin  2002-2006
4.  Cumulative Wisconsin HIV Case Surveillance Data Posted on Web
5.  Spring 2007 WISCONSIN AIDS/HIV UPDATE Posted on Web
6.  State Hygiene Lab recognized for outstanding response to foodborne disease outbreaks
7.  Updated Fee Exempt Laboratory Testing Guidelines Available
8.  Please Visit the Website of the Wisconsin Antibiotic Resistance Network (WARN)
9.  CDC to Release Data on Increasing Gonorrhea Drug Resistance and New National Treatment Recommendations
10.  National HIV Testing Day 2007 – June 27


Wisconsin Epi Express 09-26-2006 

1.  TB Education and Training Resources
2. Report from the TB Educational Training Network (TB-ETN) Conference
3. Tubes with sodium heparin (“BD sodium heparin tubes”) and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold products
4. Changes in TB and Refugee Health Operations and Staffing
5. Errata for TB Guideline
6. Supreme Court to Hear Public Health Confinement Case
7. Cluster of allergic reactions following Tubersol® administration
8. New Guidelines for Pediatric Use of Rotavirus Vaccine
9. Updated Guidelines on Diagnosis, Treatment of Lyme Disease
10. CDC publishes revised recommendations for HIV testing in health care settings
11. Survey of Employee Influenza Vaccination Rates and Policies in Wisconsin Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-23-2006 

1. Weekend Rabies Testing
2. Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) Training Highlights
3. Revised STD Treatment Guidelines Available Online
4. Recording and Reporting Race and Ethnicity
5. Summer 2006 Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Update posted on the web
6. amfAR Issue Brief Focuses on HIV Prevention for Men Who Have Sex with Men
7. Changes in Communicable Disease Reporting Enacted in 2005 Wisconsin Act 198

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-23-2006 

1. Statewide Variance Granted to use QuantiFERON TB Gold for TB Screening
2. Presence of Deer Ticks in Some State Parks
3. Surveillance for Influenza and Other Viruses in Wisconsin
4. Mumps outbreak affecting adolescents and young adults in Austria, 2006
5. Recent norovirus outbreaks on river and seagoing cruise ships in Europe
6. Region V Infertility Prevention Project (RVIPP) Advisory Committee Meeting to be held in Madison, Wisconsin - June 28-29, 2006

Wisconsin Epi Express 03-22-2006 

1. Influenza Vaccination of Health-Care Personnel
2. The Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Update is now an electronic publication
3. Cumulative Wisconsin HIV case surveillance data posted on the web
4. Health Care Facilities Make the "80% Club"
5. Wisconsin to Participate In Menactra® Effectiveness Study
6. 2006 Communicable Diseases Spring Seminars

Wisconsin Epi Express 03-13-2006 

1. World TB Day - March 24
2. Updates to the TB Incentive program
3. Wisconsin Reports Highest Rate of "military" TB
4. Protocol Changes for Fee-Exempt Liver function testing at WSLH
5. Upcoming TB training opportunities
6. Update on TB Blood testing: QuantiFERON-TB Gold
7. Wisconsin TB data for 2005 now available
8. The WSLH Mycobacteriology Laboratory

Wisconsin Epi Express 01-13-2006 

1. Be On the Alert for Dengue in Travelers Returning From Warm Climates
2. Updated Guidelines on Management of Occupational Exposures to HIV
3. Revised Medicaid Guide for Tuberculosis
4. CDC Guidelines - Infection Control Measures for Preventing and Controlling Influenza Transmission in Long-Term Care Facilities
5. Resources for Clinicians and Public Health Professionals Working with Meth Users
6. Recommendations Regarding Avian Influenza for Travelers to Southeast Asia
7. Communicable Diseases Spring Seminars 2006 - Save the Date


Wisconsin Epi Express 03-09-2005 

1. Improved TB Blood Test Receives FDA Approval
2. Wisconsin Medicaid Now Reimburses for Laboratory Procedure Code 0010T for Tuberculosis Blood Test
3. CDC issues updated guidelines on use of antiretroviral drugs following non-occupational exposure to HIV
4. Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) Surveillance
5. Increase in reported cases of HIV infection in Wisconsin
6. Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Preparedness (BCDP) Spring Seminars 2005

Wisconsin Epi Express 01-27-2005 

1. Food and Drug Administration Approval of HIV Rapid Tests
2. The Respiratory Virus Season
3. Free Web Course on Cross-Cultural Communication
4. Why It Is Important to Confirm Cryptosporidium Antigen Rapid Assay Tests
5. Funds Restored for 2005 TB Incentive Program
6. Infectious Disease Journal Reports on Wisconsin TB Outbreak
7. Communicable Diseases Seminars – Hold the Dates


Wisconsin Epi Express 12-13-04 

1. End of Arboviral Testing for 2004 season
2. Ordering Viral Cultures from the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
3. Hepatitis C treatment research study underway in Wisconsin
4. 2005 Regional communicable diseases seminars scheduled
5. Governor announces relaxation of restrictions on Flue Vaccine
6. Proposed reporting for Severe Adverse Events associated with LTBI treatment
7. TB Infection Control Guidelines - draft available for public comment
8. President Signs Omnibus Appropriations Bill with Fit-Testing provision

Wisconsin Epi Express 09-28-04 

1. Compendium of measures to Prevent Disease and Injury associated with animals in public settings, 2004
2. EIS Officer Andie Newman begins training with BCD
3. Tuberculosis investigations in the Workplace
4. Enhanced Hepatitis C Surveillance Project - Thanks and a Reminder
5. Staff Change in HBC and HCV programs

Wisconsin Epi Express 09-03-04 

1. State swards funds for local Tuberculosis programs
2. Educating providers about latent TB infections
3. TB control in County jails
4. Enteric pathogen cases linked to Canadian petting zoos prompt awareness
5. DHHS releases draft national Pandemic Influenza Response and Preparedness plan for comment
6. DPH hold press conference on Pertussis
7. Six month report of Communicable Diseases available

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-09-04 

1. Northern WI AHEC offers medical interpreter training program in Wausau
2. ACIP releases 2004 Guidelines on Prevention and Control of Influenza
3. Infection Control - Guidelines for Avian Influenza
4. Sexual transmission of Hepatitis C virus infection
5. Announcing Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance system maps

Wisconsin Epi Express 07-09-04 

1. Additions to the DHS Hepatitis C Web Site
2. Extra Hepatitis resources for Clinicians packet available
3. Rabies Vaccine Shortage
4. General Industry Respiratory Protection Standard Applies to Workers Exposed to TB
5. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) Among Children in Daycare Centers
6. Communicable Diseases Web Page Launched
7. Division of Public Health Launches Refugee Health Web pages
8. Surveillance for Avian Influenza Among Hmong Refugees

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-21-04 

1. National TB Testing Day: June 27, 2004
2. STD Communications Database Available Online
3. Wisconsin Receives National Recognition for Tuberculosis Laboratory Activities
4. Shield Outbreak in Milwaukee, WI 06/14/04
5. FOCUS on Field Epidemiology is useful Internet site
6. EIS Officer Mark Sotir Completes Training with BCD

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-28-04 

1. Increased Pertussis Reported in Southeast Wisconsin
2. Shigella Outbreak in Wisconsin
3. CDC Implements New Tiered Travel Health Guidance System
4. Tuberculosis Screening Requirements
5. Download TB Treatment Information to Your PDA
6. Enhanced Hepatitis C Surveillance Project Starts June 1, 2004

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-17-04 

1. Online Training on HIV Risk Assessment in Women
2. CDC Dear Colleague Letter Recommends STD Prevention Services for MSM
3. Fluoroquinolone Resistant N. gonorrhoeae
4. CDC Healthy Pets Health People Website
5. Falsely Positive Rapid Assay Tests for Cryptosporidium Antigen, Wisconsin 2003-2004
6. Bureau of Communicable Diseases and Preparedness Phone List

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-29-04 

1. Changes in TB Medication Program
2. Medical Examinations for Internationally Adopted Children
3. Blastomycosis in Wisconsin: A Severe Systemic Fungal Infection in Man and Animals and an Environmental Enigma
4. Northwest Center for Public Health Practice Announces 2004 Summer Public Health
5. 2003 Wisconsin Act 186 Relating to Public Health Emergencies is Enacted

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-12-04 

1. Norovirus: Characteristics, Recent Wisconsin Trends, and Specimen Collection
2. Arrival of Hmong Refugees Anticipated
3. Wisconsin Division of Health Guidelines: Invasive Meningococcal Disease
4. Foodborne Illness Primer Announced at National Press Club
5. The Tale of the Giant African Snail (Achatina fulica)

Wisconsin Epi Express 03-29-04 

1. Surveillance for Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli (STEC), Wisconsin, 2002-2003
2. Upcoming Conference on Emerging Infectious Disease Issues in Long-Term Care
3. CDC Releases Guide and Model Protocol on HIV Rapid Testing in Labor and Delivery
4. Compensation for Injured Smallpox Vaccines
5. Advance Notice of a Short-Term Enhanced Hepatitis C Surveillance Project
6. Watch for Primary Care Provider Hepatitis Mailing

Wisconsin Epi Express 03-18-04 

1. School HIV/AIDS Policy Tool Kit
2. Hospital Preparedness Seminars: Future Directions for Isolation and Decontamination
3. BCD Spring Seminars 2004


Wisconsin Epi Express 12-04-03 

1. Planes, trains, and tuberculosis
2. Tuberculosis in the college setting
3. Influenza talking points (health departments)
4. Pertussis outbreak in Fond du Lac County
5. Food and waterborne outbreak investigation team strikes again
6. Possible cases of influenza among vaccinated Wisconsin residents
7. Reminder: Communicable disease reporting for 2003

Wisconsin Epi Express 11-05-03 

1. Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene celebrates 100th anniversary
2. Four important state public health plan web pages
3. Hepatitis C guidelines for local health departments
4. Wisconsin local health department follow-up of persons with hepatitis C virus infection
5. Interpreting hepatitis C virus test results
6. Hepatitis conference materials on interpreting hepatitis test results

Wisconsin Epi Express 10-07-03 

1. TB elimination by 2010?
2. HIPAA and TB medications
3. Tips to ease HIPAA jitters

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-14-03 

1. Bioterrorism preparedness disease surveillance update
2. Teachers invited to compete for awards in young epidemiology scholars program
3. Important new HIV prevention resources published by the CDC
4. Advancing HIV prevention: interim technical guidance for selected interventions
5. Statewide SARS teleconference
6. Revised recommendations against the use of Rifampin and pyrazinamide for latent tuberculosis infection

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-12-03 

1. Lyme disease in Wisconsin, 1997-2002
2. Wisconsin hepatitis C materials
3. CDC guidance documents on monkeypox
4. HIPAA privacy rule and public health

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-01-03 

1. HIPAA privacy rule and public health
2. Incidence and fatality from meningococcal disease, Wisconsin 1993-2002
3. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli non-0157A:H7 (STEC)

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-08-03 

1. Alter about inadvertent use of Bicillin C-R for treatment of syphilis
2. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
3. State Laboratory of Hygiene Rabies Testing Policy
4. Limited multi-dose use from vials of immune globulin (IG)
5. Tuberculosis investigation in Milwaukee area
6. Smallpox vaccination clinic activity
7. Hepatitis C virus infection in Wisconsin, 1997-2002: a review of case surveillance data
8. Important CDC satellite telecast/webcast on HIV rapid testing
9. Upcoming Wisconsin hepatitis C conference -- save the date!

Wisconsin Epi Express 02-10-03 

1. Wisconsin assists with Minnesota TB investigation
2. Influenza-like illness activity
3. Cryptosporidium antigen tests
4. The communicable disease wall chart


Wisconsin Epi Express 12-20-02 

1. Rationale and Criteria Required for Norwalk Virus Testing
    A. Outbreak of “Norwalk-Like Viruses” in Alaska
    B. Change in Nomenclature of “Norwalk-Like Viruses”
2. Web-based CDC Smallpox Resource Kit
3. Increase in MSM Syphilis in the Southeast Region
4. The Use of Raw Meat for Pet Diets

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-28-02  

1. New staff join the Bureau of Communicable Diseases
  2. Schedule TB Grand Rounds for 2003
  3. Communicable Disease Wall Charts Available
  4. Treating   active TB just got easier
  5. False Positive Cryptosporidium Tests
  6. Influenza and respiratory virus surveillance
  7. CDC Alert - Recall of Gonorrhea Laboratory Assay
  8. HIV Prevention RFPs Released
  9. AIDS/HIV Fall Conference Program Brochure Available
10. Sample HIV Testing Consent Forms on AIDS/HIV Program Website

Wisconsin Epi Express 07-23-02 

1. TB Blood Test Coming Soon
2. Three Recent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
3. Live. and Let Live. Community Education Guide Available
4. Mark Your Calendars for the Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program Fall Conference
5. Wisconsin Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Advisory Committee (WHBPAC) Meets
6. Regional Bioterrorism Planning Teams
7. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Fact Sheets

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-10-02

1. Changes in Wisconsin Tuberculosis Laws
2. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance
3. Salmonella Cluster in Jefferson County
4. Computer-Based, Distance Ed Course on Immigrant Health Issues, Fall 2002
5. TB Contact Investigation Guideline Update
6. Resumption of Statewide Enhanced Arbovirus Surveillance
7. Recent Internet Sites of Interest


Wisconsin Epi Express 09-04-01 

1. TB Program personnel changes
2. Answers To last issue’s quiz 
    (All Creatures Great and Small ….. Will Bite Someone Eventually)
3. New TB educational materials for the Hmong
4. Hepatitis C surveillance strategy: improving completeness of reporting
5. ALERT-- Revised recommendations for latent

Wisconsin Epi Express 08-02-01 

2. Quarterly HIV/AIDS surveillance report posted on Internet
3. Roadside carcass disposal
4. CDC publishes updated guidelines for the management of occupational exposures to HBV, HCV, and HIV and recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis
5. CDC issues guidance regarding prevention messages on latex condoms and sexually transmitted diseases
6. CDC launches Global AIDS Program web site
7. Availability of Td Vaccine

Wisconsin Epi Express 06-18-01 

1. Control measures for meningococcal disease outbreaks
2. Delayed reporting of case of botulism
3. National HIV adult and adolescent and perinatal guidelines updated
4. Reminder About Submitting 4151 Communicable Disease Report Forms for Newly Reportable Diseases
5. TB Information Guide CD-ROM
6. “…three are called, but only two are chosen…”

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-14-01 

1. Jeannie Druckenmiller receives recognition
2. Guidelines for Hepatitis C Testing
3. New website on hepatitis sponsored by the Immunization Action Coalition
4. Wisconsin Division of Public Health launching HIV media campaign
5. Reporting Hepatitis Associated With Treatment for Latent TB Infection

Wisconsin Epi Express 05-01-01 

1. Calicivirus Outbreak in a Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF)
2. Possible Shortage of Tubersol.
3. Important Internet-Based Information Resources on Hepatitis C
4. Safer Needles: Are They "Infectious Waste"?
5. “AIDS in the Heartland” Midwest Regional HIV/AIDS Conference

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-22-01 

1. Wisconsin Tuberculosis Cases Up In 2004
2. TB Genotyping Excludes Transmission in Clinic Waiting Room
3. Zoonotic Disease Resources
4. Tick Surveys – Wisconsin, 2004
5. Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Wisconsin: Results of an Enhanced HCV Surveillance Project
6. Fact Sheets Available on Managing the Side Effects of Hepatitis C Treatment

Wisconsin Epi Express 04-09-01  

1. State TB web site enlarged and improved
2. TB Program tools for local policy and procedure development
3. Wisconsin HIV pediatric medical care guide published on the Internet
4. Department of Health and Family Services announces intent to release HIV prevention request for proposals
5. Fact sheet on surveillance of health care workers with HIV/AIDS
6. New CDC hepatitis and HIV prevention guidelines to be released by CDC
7. Information on documentation and medical management of significant exposures on website of Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program
8. Internet-based information resources on medical and infectious waste from the Department of Natural Resources Internet website

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