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Organ and Tissue Donation Program: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about organ and tissue donation in Wisconsin.

Donate Life - Proud Partner
  • What does it mean to register?
    Registration authorizes the gift of your organs, tissues, and eyes upon your death. Your gift will be used to help others through transplantation, therapy, research or education.
  • Who may register?
    You can register if you are at least 15 and have a WI driver's license/state ID.
  • Are there age limits or health conditions that rule out donation?
    Anyone can register. A complete medical and social history together with a number of lab tests will determine if donation is possible. There are donors in their late 70's and beyond.
  • May I limit my donation?
    You may amend or restrict your gift through your will, advanced directive, power of attorney for health care, or on the back of your driver's license. Let your family know about your wishes.
  • What if I already have an orange dot on my license?
    You are registered if you received the donor dot on or after March 29, 2010.
  • Where can I learn more about donation?
    Visit the Wisconsin Donor Registry program site to learn about  organ and tissue donation in Wisconsin or visit The National Donor Registry Program to learn about organ and tissue donation in the United States.
Last revised September 13, 2023