DPH Communicable Diseases Memos

DPH periodically publishes numbered memos to update providers and interested parties of important information.

Official Number Description Issue Date Attachments Obsolete Date
Public Health Follow-up and Testing Recommendations for Individuals with Parotitis February 1, 2018
Response to Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis (TB) in Ramsey County, Minnesota November 28, 2017
BCD 2017-05
Potential Cluster of Viral Myocarditis in Wisconsin November 14, 2017
Reporting, prevention and control of acute respiratory illness outbreaks in long-term facilities October 20, 2017
Updated Guidance for Zika Testing in Pregnant Women August 8, 2017
BCD 2017-02
Increased Reports of Laboratory-Confirmed Cases of Legionellosis (Legionnaires’ Disease) July 28, 2017
BCD 2017-01
Influenza Testing and Variant Influenza A Virus Detection July 19, 2017
Last Revised: August 1, 2017