Income Maintenance (IM) Agency Lists

Agency Directors (IM Agency only) (PDF, 74.4 KB)

Applicant Information (IM Agency) (with map)

CARES Coordinators (PDF, 78.2 KB)

Child Care Contact Information (PDF, 74.1 KB)

Fraud Contacts (PDF, 153 KB)

Homeless Mail Pickup Sites (IM Agency) (PDF, 83KB)

Information Technology (IT) Coordinators (PDF, 88.5 KB)

IM Agency Consortia

IM Consortia Primary Operational Contacts (PDF, 15.1 KB)

IM Contacts for Institutes for Mental Disease (IMD) (PDF, 65.9 KB)

Policy Coordinators (PDF, 62.9 KB)

Supervisors (IM Agency only) (PDF, 45.8 KB)

Newborn Coordinators (PDF, 43.1 KB)

QUEST Vault Card Coordinators (QVCC) (PDF, 163 KB)

Training Coordinators (IM Agency only) (PDF, 15.6 KB)

Agencies who wish to update their information should send an email to the webmaster.


Last Revised: February 16, 2015