Hospital Assessment

Wisconsin Hospital Assessment e-Pay Service

The Wisconsin Hospital Assessment, first implemented in state fiscal year 2009, is a program in which the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) levies a payment from Wisconsin acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and critical access hospitals on a quarterly basis. These dollars, plus matching contributions from the federal government, are then used to fund hospital access payments, hospital supplemental payments, and reinvestment in the broader Wisconsin Medicaid program. The Hospital Assessment is implemented in accordance with Wis. Stat. § 50.38. DHS works closely with the Wisconsin Hospital Association to ensure successful implementation of the Hospital Assessment program.

The amount due from each hospital each quarter is a uniform percentage of each hospital’s gross revenues, and therefore varies from hospital to hospital. DHS mails invoices each quarter specifying the exact amounts due.

Pay your hospital’s quarterly hospital assessment invoice online

Important - Please read

Your bank account fraud protection must be configured to allow DHS e-payments.

If the bank account you will be using to make your e-check (Automated Clearing House) payment is set up with "debit blocks" or "debit filters," you must instruct your bank to allow the DHS ACH Company ID of E396006469 to process before you enter your e-check payment online.







Within DHS, the Hospital Assessment is administered by the Bureau of Fiscal Management in the Division of Medicaid Services. If you have a question about this program or its administration, or need assistance with the online payment feature, send an email to

Last Revised: January 25, 2021