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Advance Directives

An advance directive describes, in writing, treatments you want or don’t want. It tells others what to do with your care if you get injured and can’t express your wishes. You can complete an advance directive if you are 18 or older and of sound mind.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has advance directive forms online. These forms are meant for you to complete without needing help from an attorney. However, you may have a situation or concern where you do want to seek legal advice from an attorney.

The forms we have include:

  • Declaration to Physicians (Wisconsin Living Will)
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Power of Attorney for Finance and Property
  • Authorization for Final Disposition

You may also get these forms, or similar forms, from your attorney, doctor, or hospital.

Access advance directive forms

Before you access these forms, please read and make sure you understand the following statement:

If you are printing advance directive forms from the internet, print and complete all pages of the form. The form must be complete and signed to be valid.

The Declaration to Physicians (Wisconsin Living Will) and Power of Attorney for Health Care forms also have letters that are not part of the legal form. The letters have information for you to read before you complete the form.

Our forms have standard wording that comes from Wisconsin law. If you complete and sign a form correctly, it is recognized as valid in the State of Wisconsin.

Don’t change the pre-printed wording of any form unless the instructions tell you to do so. Changing the forms in any way that goes against the instructions may make the form invalid.

If the forms don’t meet your needs, contact an attorney.

Access the forms

Who to contact for help

Questions about the advance directive forms? Contact the Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center at 855-409-9410. These are also helpful resources:


Last revised March 5, 2024