Online Ordering of Printed Forms and Publications

The forms and publications requisition form (F-80025A) is a fillable Microsoft Word document. It is used to order forms and publications stored in the Department's Forms and Publications Center. (You must have Microsoft Word 97 or newer to complete the form).

F-80025A  (Word, 29 KB)

Paper versions are not available for all forms and publications.  Before requesting a paper version of a form or publication, please review the appropriate forms or publications list to ensure availability in paper format. If the entry in the column "Other Location" reads "None," paper versions are not available. All other entry types will provide ordering instructions.


  1. Complete the form by tabbing through the input fields, NOT by using the return/enter key.  Note:  Please order only a three-month supply.
  2. From the toolbar, choose File, Save As, give the document a name and save it to a location on your computer that you will remember and close the file.
    Note: It's important to submit the order as a Word document and not a pdf in order for us to process the order. 
  3. After the form is completed, email it to the forms manager who is responsible for the majority of the order and he/she will work with the others to complete your request.
  4. Once you have determined which forms manager to send the request to, please choose their email hyperlink from the list below.
  5. Attached the saved F-80025A to the email and send.

If you are unable to place your order electronically, you need to use the multiple ply F-80025. To order this form, please call 608-266-8502 or email the DES Forms Manager.

Where to send forms and publications order forms, by using the division acronym:

Division responsible Please send the request to the following Forms Manager: 

Division of Long Term Care DLTC 
Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services DMHSAS

Jim Pritchard at 

Division of Enterprise Services DES
Executive Offices, Department of Health Services EXEC

Jenny Haight at 

Division of Public Health DPH

Cris Caputo at 

Division of Health Care Access and Accountability DHCAA

Lori Schultz at 

Division of Quality Assurance DQA

Jenny Haight at  

Office of the Inspector General OIG

Lori Schultz at 

Vital Records Forms Email:


If you have questions about ordering forms or publications, please email Lois Mulder or call her at: 608-266-8502.

Last Revised: May 18, 2016