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CLTS FS Instructions Module 9 - Screen Time and Notes


9.1 Screen Completion Date
9.2 Time to Complete Screen
9.3 Final Notes

9.1 Screen Completion Date

The screen completion date is the date when all sections of the Children's Long-Term Support Functional Screen (CLTS FS) were completed by the certified screener, not the date information is entered into the computer. It may take more than one day to complete all sections, especially if a screener must wait for information from health care providers.

9.2 Time to Complete Screen

Face-to-Face Contact with Child and Parent(s) or Guardian

This is time a screener spends doing a home visit with the child and/or their primary caregiver(s).

Collateral Contacts

This is time the screener spent in face-to-face meetings or on the phone with collateral contacts (extended family members, teachers, therapists, health care providers). Do not include time from the home visit (for example, if the child’s teacher is present at the home visit, this is recorded as face-to-face contact even though a teacher is considered a collateral contact).

Paper Work

This is the time the screener spent doing paperwork and research to complete the CLTS FS. Phone contact with the parent or primary caregiver should be included in this category. This does not include intake preparation.

Travel Time

This is the time the screener spent traveling to and from appointments associated with the gathering of information necessary to complete the CLTS FS.

  • Write all times as hours and minutes rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • The CLTS FS application will sum them up for the total time.

9.3 Final Notes

The primary purpose of the notes is to strengthen and corroborate items checked or not checked on the CLTS FS. If notes are added to existing notes later, the most current notes should always be at the top of the list. Notes are to be entered in the following format:

Date (MM/DD/YY): Comments… Screener initials

In this format, a screener’s comments are written between the date of the note and their initials, reducing the opportunity for other screeners to inadvertently add comments to someone else’s notes. Screeners are responsible for the notes they create.

Last revised May 11, 2023