MH/AODA FS Instructions Module 8 - Completing the MH/AODA FS


8.1 Screen Completion Date

Indicate the date (mm/dd/yyyy) on which all sections of the functional screen were complete. It may take more than one day to complete all sections, especially if a screener must wait for information from health care providers. It is acceptable for one person to enter the demographic information (module 3) and for the certified screener to complete the clinical entries (module 4-7). However, all of the screen entry time should be combined and put under the certified screener's name.

When correcting information on a screen, do not change the "screen completion date." Enter the time it took to correct or update a screen. If you are simply making changes to the demographics (e.g., change of address), then enter "0". You must re-calculate eligibility after making screen corrections as required in section 8.8.

Note: The screen completion date is the date when all sections were completed by the certified screener, not the date information is entered into the computer.

Write all times as hours and minutes rounded to the nearest 15 minutes (00, 15, 30, 45). The functional screen application will sum them up for the total time.

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8.2 Face-to-Face Contact with Person

This is the amount of time the screener spent face-to-face meeting with the applicant. Please round time to the nearest 15 minutes (00, 15, 30, 45).

8.3 Collateral Contacts

Either in-person or telephone contact with any other people, including family, advocates, providers, etc.

8.4 Paper Work

Includes review of medical documents, etc. Phone contact with the applicant should be included in this category. Please round time to the nearest 15 minutes (00, 15, 30, 45).

8.5 Travel Time

Time the screener spent traveling to and from appointments associated with the gathering of information necessary to complete the functional screen. Please round time to the nearest 15 minutes (00, 15, 30, 45).

8.6 Total Time to Complete Screen

The computer application will calculate and auto-enter this field based on your above entries.

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8.7 Notes

Throughout all sections of the functional screen screeners may click on the "Notes" link on the left bar of the screen to enter notes. Notes should be dated and initialed by the screener.

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8.8 Calculating Eligibility and Level of Need

The act of calculating eligibility and level of need is the final step that makes a functional screen 'complete'. This applies to new screens, or updates to existing screens.

When you enter a new screen, that screen will be considered 'incomplete' until eligibility is calculated. If there is no red check mark next to eligibility on the left-hand navigation bar, then the screen is currently 'incomplete'. You must calculate eligibility to make this screen 'complete', which will show up as a red check mark next to eligibility on the left-hand navigation bar.

When you are making a change to an existing screen, there are some times when you must re-calculate eligibility, and some times when re-calculating eligibility is not required.

Any time you change any data which may cause a change in eligibility/level of need (i.e., a change to Community Living Skills or Risk Factors, etc.), you must re-calculate eligibility, even though the level of need results may not have changed. In addition, any time you make a change to applicant name, applicant SSN, or applicant birth date, eligibility must be re-calculated, even though these data items won't have any affect on the level of need.

If you change any of the following information, you will not have to re-calculate eligibility:

  • Applicant address
  • Applicant phone number
  • Applicant gender
  • County/tribe of residence
  • County of responsibility
  • Directions
  • Screener's name
  • Referral date
  • Medical insurance
  • Contact information

How can you tell when you need to re-calculate eligibility? Always check for the red check mark next to eligibility on the left-hand navigation bar. If there is a red check mark, the screen is considered 'complete'. No red check mark means the screen is considered 'incomplete'.

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Last Revised: January 23, 2017