Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

What is RSS and how can I use it to get the latest news releases from Department of Health Services?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way to receive up-to-date information from those websites that provide this technology. Department of Health and Family Services will deliver the latest news releases using this XML technology. 

Using RSS will require that you have a "feed reader". There are many available for download on the Internet for little or no cost. Some of the newest web browsers include the ability to read an RSS feed and to keep track of subscriptions. If your browser does not automatically read RSS feeds, go to your favorite search engine and type in, "RSS feed reader" to search for a reader.

When you have a "feed reader", subscribing to information from our site is a simple as visiting our News Release page and looking for the orange "RSS" button.  When you click on either the orange button or the "subscribe" link, you will see a page of code.  Ignore this code and instead copy the URL for the page into your feed reader. Now you will have access to the latest news releases without needing to visit our site.

Last Revised: November 13, 2014