Refugee & International Health Program Voluntary Resettlement Agencies (VOLAGs)

Voluntary Resettlement Agencies in Wisconsin

The U.S. Department of State has cooperative agreements with voluntary resettlement agencies (VOLAGs) to deliver refugee reception and placement services. Thus, all primary refugees will have a sponsoring organization working with them upon arrival to Wisconsin. The local affiliates of national VOLAGs are responsible for refugee resettlement throughout the state as well as assisting refugees in issues such as employment, English-language training, health service referrals, and housing. These agencies are located throughout the state. 

Catholic Charities USA 
Catholic Charities/Diocese of Green Bay
Ted Phernetton
1825 S Riverside Drive
Green Bay  WI 54305
Phone 920-272-8234

Catholic Charities/Milwaukee
Steven Xiong
3501 S Lake Drive
Milwaukee  WI 53207
Phone 414-771-2881  x4121

Lutheran Social Services  
Mary Flynn
5300 W Lincoln Avenue
Milwaukee  WI 53219  
Phone 414-325-3117

World Relief Fox Valley
Tami McLaughlin
115 Washington Avenue
Suite 400
Oshkosh  WI 54901
Phone 920-231-3600

Last Revised: January 10, 2017