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Department of Health Services Resources for Cultural Competency in Health Care

Health Issues Affecting Wisconsin Hispanics/Latinos (PPT)
This presentation, organized by former Wisconsin Minority Health Leadership Council Chair, MaryAnn Borman, provides background information pertaining to the health, social and economic disparities migrant workers experience in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Partnership to Respond to 2009 EPI AID Study in Milwaukee (PPT) This presentation, organized by Wisconsin Minority Health Leadership Council Chair, Brenda Coley, provides statistics and social factors pertaining to HIV in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Milwaukee. The presentation also addresses potential solutions for reducing the prevalence of HIV in this particular population.

Reaching Through Barriers (Webcast series)

Reaching Through Barriers is a series of occasional brown-bag learning opportunities presented through the coordinated efforts of the DHS Affirmative Action and Training Offices, Division of Enterprise Services, and the Division of Public Health.

The series highlights minority health issues in Wisconsin; promotes the elimination of cultural and health disparities between minority and other vulnerable populations and the overall state population; and focuses on cultural competency in the delivery of services.

Healthy Birth Outcomes: Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities (Note: As of February 2013, this webcast is no longer available.) View slides from the webcast (PDF)
This presentation describes issues surrounding healthy birth outcomes, including the elimination of racial and ethnic disparities in Wisconsin. Former DHS Secretary Helene Nelson and Division of Public Health Administrator Sheri Johnson introduce a five-year project to strengthen the efforts of the Department of Health Services around this issue. The presenters describe the problem (Wisconsin and U.S. data), review evidence-based practices, and give an overview of the proposed five-year project; then ask for discussion and input from the audience.

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Last revised March 24, 2022