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OBVI: Learning Opportunities

Adventures in Vision Loss: Learning to Do Things Differently

This five-day training event is for individuals new to vision loss.

Held annually in September
Wisconsin Lions Camp
Rosholt, Wisconsin

September 2023 Lions Camp Participants - Adventures in Vision Loss
2023 Adventures in Vision Loss Participants

This training will introduce you to living with blindness or vision loss, with emphasis in these areas:

  • Cooking
  • Technology, including computers, smart phones and tablets
  • Communications and braille
  • Orientation and mobility
  • Daily living skills
  • Resources and discussion about vision loss

This will be an opportunity to get to know other people in Wisconsin who share many of the same challenges of living with blindness or vision loss.

For more information on this program or if you have a question that isn't answered, please call the Office of the Blind and Visually Impaired toll-free phone number at 888-879-0017 or send an email to

Last revised November 13, 2023