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Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget - Budget Section

Budget staff, located in the Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget (OPIB), is responsible for department-wide budget development and monitoring.

  • Prepare DHS' biennial budget proposal, including completing budget issue papers for consideration by the Secretary's Office.
  • Participate in developing policy and program initiatives.
  • Monitor and assist in resolving operating budget problems with the divisions.
  • Prepare information papers for use by the Secretary's Office and other decision-makers.
  • Prepares fiscal notes on proposed legislation.

Budget Development
OPIB budget staff is responsible for the preparation of the DHS biennial budget proposal. Budget staff, in coordination with division staff, develops budget issue papers for consideration by the Secretary's Office. Budget papers include analyses of fiscal, policy, and programmatic effects of proposals. Based on decisions of the Secretary, budget staff prepares the biennial budget request document, which includes the requested funding levels, statutory language changes, and descriptions of each budget item. Budget Staff serves as liaison to the Department of Administration State Budget Office and Legislative Fiscal Bureau. In this role, budget staff responds to inquiries and requests fiscal and programmatic information and analyses, and presents and advocates for DHS budget proposals. Budget staff also prepares materials for the Secretary for testifying before the legislature, and gives presentations to outside groups to inform them about DHS budget proposals.

Development of Policy and Program Initiatives
Budget staff participates in DHS work teams dedicated to developing and implementing new program initiatives. Staff also provides fiscal support and expertise to these teams, and assists in the identification of policy options and recommendations.

Operating Budget Issues
Budget staff works with staff from the divisions and the Bureau of Fiscal Services to monitor programs and operating budgets, and identify potential problems. Staff engages in problem-solving and assists in identifying possible options to resolve operating budget problems. When appropriate, budget staff prepares requests for budget action to the Department of Administration and/or the Joint Finance Committee (through the s. 16 or s.13.10 mechanisms) to address operating budget issues.

Fiscal Notes
The budget staff prepares fiscal notes for legislative bills and Legislative Reference Bureau drafts. The fiscal notes identify any changes in costs and revenues resulting from the legislation. The fiscal notes prepared by budget staff are reviewed and approved by division administrators and then transmitted to the Office of the Secretary for final approval.

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Last revised June 11, 2020