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Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget - Policy and Research Section

The policy and research section provides leadership and support to advance strategic Department initiatives, working across divisions, with other state agencies, and alongside external stakeholders. The section conducts research and policy analysis, prepares briefing papers, and manages the Department's legislative mandates.

Policy Research and Analysis
Policy and research analysts provide timely research and analysis to inform decisions about Department priorities, exploring solutions to pressing issues that impact Wisconsin residents.

Priority Initiatives
The policy and research section supports the secretary's office to develop and implement initiatives that are cross-divisional, inter-agency, or involve external stakeholders. Analysts identify potential connections between disparate programs to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Quality Improvement
Policy and research analysts identify evidence-based solutions to pressing issues, then work with division staff to design and implement these data-driven approaches. Staff also lead, support, and incorporate best practices to improve the quality and effectiveness of existing programs.

Legislative Mandates
The policy and research section manages the process for submitting the Department's mandated reports. The Department processes approximately 30 mandated reports on either an annual or biennial basis. The section also responds to legislative inquiries as requested.


Aaron Larson, Section Chief
Policy and Research Section
PO Box 7850
Madison WI 53707-7850

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Last revised December 20, 2022