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Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget - Programs or Services Administered / Provided

  • Grant Seeking 
    • Develop/review Federal & Foundation Grants
    • Provide training for Grant Preparation
    • Monitor Federal Developments
  • Fiscal Processing/Operating Budget Control (Including Secretary’s Office & Dept Services)
  • Office Management/Technology
  • Develop Biennial Budget
  • Coordinate Emergency Budget Change Requests
  • Complete Centralized Cost Calculations
  • Develop Budget Bill Statutory Language
  • Conduct Issue Studies
  • Document Funding & Position Levels
  • Identify and Monitor Budget Mandates
  • Prepare Fiscal Notes on Proposed Legislation
  • Undertake Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Provide Process Improvement Support
  • Undertake Reengineering Initiatives
  • Undertake Policy Analysis
  • Participate in Program Development
  • Coordinate DHS Strategic Business Planning
  • Liaison with DHS I. T. Strategic Planning
  • Conduct Policy Research and Analysis
  • Conduct Program Evaluation Studies
    • Legislatively Mandated Evaluations
    • Federal Waiver Evaluations
    • Department Selected Evaluations
  • Provide Consultation on Contracted Evaluations
  • Develop/Coordinate Performance Indicators
  • Conduct Management Reviews
  • Planning/Policy Development and Analysis
  • Program Development/ Implementation/Coordination
  • Program Review
  • Oversight of County Programs
  • Monitoring and Corrective Action
  • Program Implementation/Evaluation
  • Program Consultation/Technical Assistance
  • Support Federal Revenue Maximization Efforts

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Last revised October 21, 2014