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Residential and Community-Based Care Licensing and Certification: Home Health Agency

Learn more about licenses for home health agencies (HHAs). CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) also has an HHA Center with helpful information.


Continuation, Provisional


An HHA license is required for agencies that visit people in their homes. They provide part-time skilled nursing care and other services as needed.


90 days (provisional license), then one year (continuation license)


$300 one-time application fee for a provisional license. You can renew this license for 90-day terms for up to a year after you get your original provisional license.

For permanent HHA licenses, yearly fees are 0.25% of patient annual fees. They range from $500–$2,500.


To apply for an HHA license, first view HHA Application for State Licensure and Federal Certification. For application materials, either:

Federal regulations

If the HHA is certified for Medicare and/or Medicaid, 42 Code of Federal Regulations 484 also applies.

Last revised September 12, 2023