Nursing Homes: Continuation

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Division of Quality Assurance
Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care
P.O. Box 2969
Madison, WI 53701-2969

Continuing license to operate a nursing home.




A residential facility that provides 24-hour services, including room and board to five or more unrelated persons. These persons require more than seven hours a week of nursing care due to their physical or mental condition.


Does not expire.


$6 per bed fee annually and with a change of ownership.

Annual nursing home reports are sent by the Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care on or around August 1st.


Must be licensed as a nursing home.

WI Administrative Code

DHS 132 Nursing Homes

Federal Regulations

42 CFR 483 Code of Federal Regulations applies if the agency wishes to be certified for Medicare and/or Medicaid.


Additional Information

Visit the DHS Nursing Home information website for additional information.

Last Revised: February 6, 2019