FOCUS 2019 Conference

Teach, Learn, Collaborate – FOCUS Training for health care providers and Division of Quality Assurance staff

Listed below are the presentations and sessions that were provided during the Division of Quality Assurance FOCUS 2019 Special Session and Conference. The table identifies session titles, speaker names, and speaker handouts. Select a session title to access the associated webcast for sessions that were videotaped.

Information presented in connection with the Division of Quality Assurance FOCUS 2019 Conference by speakers should not be construed as an endorsement of such information by the Division of Quality Assurance.

Special Session – Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"Let's Talk About It! Topic too Important to Ignore"

Breakout Session Title Speaker Handouts
Addiction and Trauma: Intricate Links Carol Ackley Speaker Slides (PDF)
Ageism Aware Carmen Bowman Speaker Slides (PDF)
Bariatric Surgery and Caring for Persons with Obesity: The Art of Weaving Dignity and Sensitivity into the Provision of Care Steve Heuer
Handout (PDF)
Creating Inclusive Communities for LGBT Adults Jacqueline Boyd None
Dad Did What?!!! Sexuality, Dementia and Long-Term Care Plenary Elaine Sanchez None
Elder Financial Exploitation: No Longer “Just a Civil Matter" Paul Greenwood None
End-of-Life Conversations: Bringing the Elephant in the Room Down to Size
Jennifer Flugaur
Dr. Mindy (MJ) Shah
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Getting Prepared for Boomer Residents and a Whole New Set of Sexual Preferences and Behaviors Elaine Sanchez Speaker Slides (PDF)
Human Trafficking in our Backyard
Rachel Cortez
Neal Lofy
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Narcan (naloxone) use in Residential Care Settings Matthew Palmer
Handout (PDF)
Putting the Spotlight on Elder Abuse: Forgotten Victims No More Paul Greenwood None
Sexual Assault, Trauma and Implications for Interviewing – Part 1 Miriam Falk Speaker Slides (PDF)
Sexual Assault, Trauma and Implications for Interviewing – Part 2 Miriam Falk Speaker Slides (PDF)
Sexuality in Long-Term Care: The Heart has no Wrinkles Laci Cornelison Speaker Slides (PDF)
The Science of Medical Cannabis and its Therapeutic Benefits Dr. Zachary Palace Speaker Slides (PDF)
Too Important to Ignore: Capacity, Consent and Decision-Maker Limitations
Jessica Trudell
Kim Marheine
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Transgender Aging: What Service Providers Need (and Don’t Need) To Know Jacqueline Boyd  
Trauma-Informed Care Carmen Bowman Speaker Slides (PDF)

FOCUS 2019 Conference – Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Teach, Learn, Collaborate"

Breakout Session Title Speaker Handouts
2019 Updates on Antibiotic Stewardship in Post-Acute and Long Term Care Settings Dr. Robin Jump Speaker Slides (PDF)
Abuse: Prevention, Investigation and Reporting
Karen Anderegg
Ann Angell
Doreen Goetsch
Molly Gutt
Kim Marheine
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Ask a Surveyor: Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) Assisted Living Panel
Lynette Backhaus
Nichole Hall
Alfred Johnson
Emily Mueller
Jerry Riederer
Connie Van Rossum
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Assessment and Non-Verbal Signs of Medical Conditions in Clients with Intellectual Disabilities Robert Eisenbart Speaker Slides (PDF)
Bystander to Ally: See Something? Do Something. Patti See
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)
Handout 3 (PDF)
Caring for People with Chronic Mental Illness who Develop Dementia Dr. Art Walaszek Speaker Slides (PDF)
Emergency Preparedness from a Resident's Viewpoint Dr. Sandi Lane Speaker Slides (PDF)
Hot Off the Press: Updates to the International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines 2019 Christine Berke Speaker Slides (PDF)
IDDSI for Resident Safety and Implementation: Process and Lessons Learned
Dr. Kit Werner
Sarah Russell
Speaker Slides (PDF)
Mitigating Relocation Stress and Transitioning Residents with Dignity
Jessica Gross
Thomas LaDuke
Speaker Slides (PDF)
The Key to Unlocking a Competency-Based Approach to Staffing Amy Stewart None
The New Grievance Process? Collaborative Relationships to Positive Outcomes
Lisa Thomson
Rachel Selking
There are no Dumb Questions, Just Confusing Answers Doug Englebert Speaker Slides (PDF)
What Living as a Resident Can Teach Caregiver Staff Leslie Pedtke Handout (PDF)
Younger Adults in Residential Care Settings Dr. Eleanor Barbera
Handout (PDF)
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