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Treatment Intervention Advisory Committee

The Treatment Intervention Advisory Committee (TIAC) was formed early in 2011 to support the Department of Health Services (DHS) in ensuring quality services are available to the citizens of Wisconsin.

Under Wis. Admin. Code § DHS 107.035, DHS is charged with determining whether a Medicaid-covered service (including services under home and community-based waiver programs) is experimental in nature. One means by which DHS makes these determinations is through the judgment of a committee of experts with demonstrated research proficiency that is established by DHS to perform health care services review.

TIAC works to advise DHS relative to the quantity and quality of evidence supporting therapies and related treatment interventions for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Typically these interventions fall in the area of behavioral health though they may occasionally cross boundaries into other health areas.

Disclaimer about advisory council content

This content reflects the views and opinions of the advisory council. It may not reflect the official policy or position of DHS.

Last revised April 13, 2023