Powassan Virus: Wisconsin Data


Powassan virus is a rare illness in Wisconsin. The first case of Powassan virus in Wisconsin was identified in 2003.

In 2020, Wisconsin had four cases of Powassan virus. There have been 42 probable and confirmed cases of Powassan virus in Wisconsin from 2003 through 2020.

Powassan virus is preventable.

Below are the statewide data for Powassan virus. For information on national data, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Statistics and Maps page for Powassan virus.

Powassan virus cases in Wisconsin map

Powassan virus data

Powassan virus cases in Wisconsin

Powassan virus cases year of onset


Cases reported by month and age

Month of illness onset

Powassan virus cases by month of illness

Age group

Powassan virus cases by age groups

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